Meow decor: cats in the decor

Meow decor: cats in the decor

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A decor that makes me meow!

Forget the kitsch trinkets, today decorative objects are as useful as they are pretty! For example, a cat-shaped book hold will lighten a bookcase while a carpet will brighten up an entrance or hallway and a ring holder will help you better store your jewelry.

Varied colors and materials

Objects representing cats are very numerous and there is no shortage of models! For an industrial style, accessories in silver or copper metal will be ideal while cushions or a sticker for colored switch will energize a living room or a child's bedroom. If your living room is rather elegant or retro, bet on a black and white bookend will be more adequate. Finally, don't forget the little ones! They too can have a world that pays homage to cats with a piggy bank with ears or a night light in the shape of a tomcat.


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