The Egg chair, a collection of designer egg cups

The Egg chair, a collection of designer egg cups

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The brand of kitchen accessories Silicone Zone presents its brand new collection of egg cups very design. As its name suggests, the Egg chair has been designed as a real mini egg chair. The opportunity to remind us that it is not only at Easter that we taste eggs!

"Egg Chair", a name that speaks volumes

In 1958, Danish architect Arne Jacobsen designed the famous Egg Chair, which has become a classic in interior design. Subsequently, the chair was available in multiple models still molded in the form of a shell. Specialized in silicone kitchen accessories, the Silicone Zone brand reverses the trend. Rather than a chair inspired by an egg cup, it is the egg cup that embodies a chair. His latest creation, the Egg Chair, is a collection of molded egg cups. With a suction cup base, the eggs can only hold well!

Aesthetic and colorful egg cups

Not only are these new silicone egg cups very stylish, but they are also available in a designer color palette to brighten up the table and the meal. Sold in its ergonomic packaging, the Egg chair is purple, white, red, orange or green. It's up to you to decide on a color or collect them all! Egg Chair collection, Silicone Zone, € 8 each.