Lights full of vitamins

Lights full of vitamins

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1.Huevos Castorama brick color floor lamp € 91.95 2.Design purple color LED lamp QisDesign Atmosse € 355.20 3. Milly pink Castorama table lamp € 16.95 4.Plumen multicolored pendant € 34.95 5.Colored solar lamp Kealive Amazon 39.99 € 6.Colorful glass suspension Ticaro Keria Luminaires 49 € 7.Lamp red metallic arrow Arcos Drawer 63 € 8.Design table lamp LED orange color QisDesign for sale on Atmosse 499.20 € 9.Lamp Living Colors Iris transparent Philips for sale on Castorama € 79.95 10.Amazible modular lamp Tetris Amazon € 29.99

Thousands of colors

It is not because the summer is gone that we have to start moping! To keep our spirits high in the autumn and approaching the greyness, we all need a good dose of light. With colorful lamps, you can only keep fit… and on that side, interior designers and decorators have not forgotten us. Pop, flashy, vibrant colors… There is something for everyone and all the rooms in the house.

Original shapes

Who says colored light generally says original light. The proof, we find in the shape of a disco ball, of luminous stone or arrow to indicate a particular object but there are also modular models to never tire of your lamp! For example, the Tetris lamp is formed and undone endlessly while the Milly lamp by Castorama folds back on itself when you are not using it.