Give a Catalan touch to your interior

Give a Catalan touch to your interior

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Barcelona. Its explosive colors, its eternal nightlife, its beaches, and its strong cultural identity are not enough to describe the creative and enchanting bubbling that reigns in the Catalan capital. Above all, the Barcelonians are imbued with the works of Gaudi, Milo or Dali. An artistic heritage present in today's Catalan decor: a mixture of audacity, tradition and character.

In Barcelona, ​​the key word is "dare"

The Barcelonians are not cold in the eyes. Where we hesitate to associate and match colors together, they seamlessly superimpose the patterns and mix materials and tones without asking questions. We make stripes, stripes, polka dots, and other patterns of different sizes and colors appear on the furniture to awaken the decor.

A warm and spicy breath

A lively, spicy atmosphere is what the Catalan capital evokes. The spicy flavor of tapas, the festive atmosphere of the nightlife and the Mediterranean warmth certainly have something to do with it. True to this image, we fill up with strong colors. Yellow, orange, red or green bring out the wrought iron furniture and go perfectly with colorful carpets and mosaic objects.

An artistic touch on the furniture

No tourist could escape the incredible architecture of Gaudi. The Sagrada Familia or the Güell Palace are works specific to the atmosphere of this city where art occupies a large place. Inevitably, the choice of furniture and decorative objects goes in the same direction: we want them atypical and aesthetic at the same time, and above all very creative. Generous mesmerizing forms where we find the mixture of genres and bright colors.


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