Baby room: 5 decorative ideas to awaken toddlers

Baby room: 5 decorative ideas to awaken toddlers

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Children need to be awake to grow well, especially toddlers. To help them, we can play with them, do fun activities but also arrange their bedroom. How to proceed ? How to find the amenities that will awaken them? Here are 5 decor ideas to use.

1. Large carpets on the floor

Your child will spend an incredible amount of time on the ground. It is therefore very wise to properly arrange the floors in your room. To do this, nothing like big thick and comfortable rugs. Fortunately, many brands offer them with childish decorations. You can even during the first months install on these large carpets, awakening carpets composed of colors and mirrors. Of course, the carpets can accommodate lots of toys and stuffed animals which will then simply be stored in cloth baskets.

2. Familiar settings

The wall decoration is important in the children's room. The colors should be soft and the patterns childish. A mouse here, a rabbit there ... It is also possible to put photos of dad, mom and brothers and sisters. Finally, on the walls of the baby's room, the mirror is recommended because it awakens at every age!

3. Rolling toy boxes

The baby room must be modular. This is why it is imperative to choose toy boxes on casters. So you can store them if necessary or make them available to your pretty blonde head. Over the months, these boxes will be handled by your child who can even practice walking with them!

4. A mini library

There is no age to enjoy books. This is why, from the first months of baby, it is necessary to arrange a corner library to him. It is wise that this space is slightly set back because it is dedicated to calm. Consider installing a small armchair, XXL cushions on which it can be installed or even a large carpet. Do you have a giant plush? place it in this reading corner! Remember to choose the right books. Prefer books in cartons or plasticized books at first. Music books are also popular. The library will evolve with your child.

5. A revisited painting

A child must express himself and be creative. For this, nothing like a table on which he can draw. Those found in toy stores are very cute, but sorely lacking in originality. Know that you can create your table. Take a wooden board that you will paint with a special paint that will allow you to use the chalk on it. Frame this item and hang it in your child's room. That's it ! There are still 1,001 ideas. For example, you can place a house with characters for your child to use his imagination. You can put a color changing lamp, a CD player to listen to music, etc.


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