5 tips for storing an adult bedroom dresser

5 tips for storing an adult bedroom dresser

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1-Dedicate each drawer of your dresser to one thing, and only one!

The first thing to do for good put away the dresser of an adult roomis knowing exactly what each of its drawers contains. For this, avoid constantly changing your clothes place and assign each drawer a specific utility.

Dedicate for example a drawer of your dresser only to baby clothes, another to household linen, a different one for pajamas, one in which you will just slip your socks and your underwear… Thus, impossible to transform your dresser into a tote -all and not to find you there!
If necessary, do not hesitate to stick small labels on the handles of the drawers of your chest of drawers or decorate them with stickers to better locate you!

2-Compartmentalize the drawers of your dresser

If your drawers get overwhelmed by the overflow of clothes and / or accessories you have, don't panic! You can make them drawers of an adult bedroom dresser much more functional - especially if your dresser is large enough - by creating compartments in each of them.

To do this, use storage boxes or some small separations in fabric (they are very easily available on the market) that you will place in your drawers: you will multiply the storage areas inside, and each accessory can find its place there. In addition, you will see much more clearly when you dress, and you will save time.

3-fold your clothes with Marie Kondo's method

Compartmentalizing its drawers is good, but to be able to store a maximum of things, it is still necessary that your clothes are well folded! For this, the Japanese pope of storage Marie Kondo has an infallible method. Indeed, to gain maximum space and optimize the storage of a bedroom dresser as an adult, she does not fold clothes properly, but rolls them up on themselves.

The Marie Kondo method (which also works very well for putting as much clothing as possible in a suitcase or a travel bag!) does not seem like that, but once you have tried it, you will not be able to do it anymore pass.

4-Choose an ingenious piece of furniture

If you do not want compartmentalize the drawers of your dresser yourself or if your furniture is too narrow, choose a chest of drawers for bedroom practical adult who already has compartments, or a model with split drawers that allow 2 storage spaces in 1 drawer.

5-Alternate closed storage and open niches

So that your bedroom is more airy and you can better navigate it, choose a chest of drawers that has both closed storage (where you can store your clothes), but also open niches which can accommodate trinkets, jewelry boxes or even hair accessories.

You can then, by placing a mirror on it and installing a small comfortable chair right in front, transform your dresser into a pretty dressing table on which you can comb your hair and make up in the morning. Smart right?