When oyster mushrooms are harvested in the kitchen

When oyster mushrooms are harvested in the kitchen

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It's official, growing mushrooms at home has never been so trendy! On kitchen worktops, living room tables or even office shelves, gray, yellow or pink oyster mushrooms become the decorative accessory that everyone is talking about. All mushroom growers? The art of myciculture will wait, because nothing is simpler than growing oyster mushrooms thanks to the new culture kits that you just have to moisten to harvest a pan of mushrooms as beautiful as they are good ...

Why oyster mushrooms?

Oyster mushroom is an amazing mushroom. Its name, Pleurotus, which means "ear on the side", evokes the eccentric foot and the well-shaped shape of oyster of this species which grows on the deciduous trunks. Filled with vitamins and minerals, oyster mushrooms are distinguished from other mushrooms by their refined taste and varied colors ranging from gray to pink to bright yellow. But above all, the oyster mushroom is undemanding and grows easily at room temperature, whatever the season. Unlike button mushrooms, which need a lot of freshness and ventilation to deign to take out their earth hats, oyster mushrooms are satisfied with a little humidity, and are therefore perfect candidates for home growing kits. .

A daily spraying, a little patience, and there are beautiful yellow oyster mushrooms in your kitchen thanks to this Ready to Grow kit!

Culture kits, how does it work?

The principle is simple: the mushroom mycelia (the seeds) are incorporated into a substrate and the whole is put in plastic and presented in a cardboard box. Just pierce the plastic, moisten it regularly with a spray of tap water and wait for the mushrooms to grow. Patience is required for ten days during which nothing seems to happen, then a first oyster shyly points the tip of his hat ... After all accelerates, the oyster mushrooms grow almost visibly and the cardboard takes for a beech stump in autumn… In less than 48 hours, the mushrooms are ready to be harvested: just detach them from their base and presto, head for the frying pan!

If the principle of the oyster mushroom growing kits remains the same, the presentation changes - with La Boite à Champignons on one side and Radish and Nasturtium on the other

Which grow kit to choose?

For three years, many brands have been offering oyster mushroom growing kits, and all of them have guaranteed a 99% success rate, with the possibility of replacing the product if the mushrooms do not grow by chance. The substrate differs from one brand to another: the PermaFungi kits grow on sawdust, those of La Boite à mushrooms on recycled coffee grounds, those of the Ferme de Sainte Marthe on straw and those of Radishes and Nasturtium on compost… At Prêt à Pousser, market leader, the coffee grounds which had made the brand's reputation when it was launched thanks to a partnership with the Starbucks restaurant chain has since been replaced by a compound substrate straw and wheat bran, organic and pasteurized, judged to be much more effective. Regarding instructions, the principle remains the same, but some brands like La Boite à Champignons recommend placing the box in the fridge overnight to start production. Some kits offer several harvests spread over a month and most sell refills to repeat the experience. On the price side, a kit costs between 15 and 20 euros depending on the brand, for a production that corresponds to a meal for four ... If the gram of oyster mushrooms is more expensive than in the trade, the cultivation experience and the incomparable freshness of mushrooms is priceless!

Barely picked, just cooked: the cultivation kits offer the satisfaction of having grown your meal at home.

The taste of freshness

Last thing to know: the oyster mushroom is one of the least well preserved mushrooms, so it must be harvested quickly once it has reached its final size. Freshly picked, it has an incomparable flavor that gives the impression of coming back from a walk in the forest. Delicious as an omelet, in a forest pan or in parsley, oyster mushrooms lend themselves to many original recipes, such as risotto with oyster mushrooms or velouté with oyster mushrooms… Bon appétit! What if you started growing oyster mushrooms in your kitchen? We give you a boost by offering to try your luck and participate in our great competition in partnership with Prêt à Pousser!


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