What color should you give with a brown leather sofa?

What color should you give with a brown leather sofa?

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A timeless model

With its more or less assumed vintage appearance, the brown leather sofa is essential. It is rather easy to integrate into an already existing decoration. Its brown color is warm, and the palette is vast: from cognac to chocolate brown, almost tending to black.

When we talk about brown sofa, we must think of the Chesterfield model. Its upholstery and smooth leather make it a timeless sofa, which does not move over the years. It is a typical model of British decoration.

Very masculine, it is often massive and will be particularly suitable for a fairly large living room, loft type. To soften this raw side, you can associate it with a Scandinavian decoration or even by adding a few ethnic touches in your living room like colorful cushions or a Berber carpet.

Whatever the type of sofa, brown leather brings a note of refinement. Aged leather, for example, echoes the armchairs of middle-class houses. Old, this one allows to take a leap in the past.

Combine a brown leather sofa with natural colors for a nature-chic decoration

With a brown leather sofa, natural colors such as beige, light wood or even off-white create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Very chic, this mixture of colors has the distinction of bringing clarity to the living room.

To break the masculine side of the smooth brown leather sofa, dare the Berber rugs in ecru / black shades, boho-inspired cushions or even large beige wool plaids to cocoon all winter long.

Do not hesitate to play the contrast effect between dark brown leather and furniture made of light wood, Scandinavian style.

Combine a brown leather sofa with gray for a Scandinavian interior

If you like loft or Scandinavian interiors, then here is the association that you may like: brown leather and gray textiles sofa. Whether it is a plaid or a rug, gray goes perfectly with brown.

Brown warms gray, which is a rather austere color. Opt for a brown leather sofa in a cognac shade, so that the contrast is even more striking.

Also do some gray reminders on the walls, hanging black & white posters. For the rest of the furniture, opt for furniture in black or dark gray tones. This creates a mixture of Scandinavian decor and industrial inspiration, perfect for an urban apartment.

Daring to combine the brown leather sofa with golden metals

This is an unexpected association, and yet it is very effective in creating a boudoir-inspired living room. The brown leather sofa comes here to soften on contact with gold metal or rose gold metal.

Golden brass, very trendy in the decoration industry in recent years, brings shine to brown leather. Do not hesitate to adopt it with a small touch, whether on light fixtures, furniture (like a small coffee table with brass legs) or even wall decorations like sun mirrors.

For a romantic atmosphere, you can also combine brown with rose gold metal. Softer and less bling bling than gold metal, it softens the raw side of brown leather. Do not hesitate to make a reminder of the rose gold by choosing plaids or powder pink cushions, very clear.

Wake up brown leather with emerald green

Here is an association of character! Brown leather goes perfectly with deep green, emerald green. Do not hesitate to repaint in this color the section of wall against which the sofa is arranged, in order to accentuate the contrast.

The result gives a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere, perfect for a small living room.

To make a reminder of the color of the wall, do not hesitate to install some green plants in your living room. This will bring a natural touch to this very chic decoration.


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