3 bed ideas for a playful children's room

3 bed ideas for a playful children's room

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If for an adult the room is a place of rest, for a child it is a play and discovery room ... where he can incidentally sleep. Discover our selection of playful beds specially designed to satisfy his thirst for dreams and adventure. Children should play!

WOODY WOOD cabin bed for mini-adventurers

With its perched sleeping space, its roof and its openwork openings, the WOODY WOOD Pine Cabin bed never ceases to nourish their imagination… As soon as Junior climbs the ladder of his bed he has plenty of time to to exalt its adventurous spirit. Parents salute the design and original look of this new playmate, which makes it possible to enhance at a glance children's rooms the most mundane. The raised position of the bed makes it the ally of lovers of space saving . The protection bar guarantees dreams of adventure… in complete safety!

SNOW mid-high bed for intrepid kids

Nothing like a SNOW spruce mid-high bed to gain height and create your own universe. Kids love to venture out on their reversible ladder to take refuge in their perched cocoon. Design-conscious parentsstorage and optimized space tips appreciate the choice of color available as the corner freed up under the bed ... But not as much as the little ones who are already enjoying their new play area to bring the wildest stories of pirates, princesses and dragons to life. Something to make friends and girlfriends want!

TIPI bed for tribal leaders

With the TIPI bed, the adventure begins as soon as your child wakes up. Well hidden in its stylized hiding place in the shape of a Tipi, the chief of the tribe nourishes his dreams of Indians and adventure from his single bed in solid pine . The spirit of the Navajos hovers in your interior ... Its more? The detachable top of bed which allows you to play transformations in the blink of an eye… it would almost make you want to go back to childhood! And don't forget to consult the decor tips for a child's bedroom thought out by one of our specialized bloggers!

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