A country-inspired children's room

A country-inspired children's room

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Shimmering and diverse, the countryside is a rich theme for decorating a child's room. Here are some ideas to make the child's bedroom a natural space for discovery.

Natural colors!

Green, a color that could not be more current in decoration, is ideal for a countryside-inspired bedroom. Jade green, almond green, khaki green, lime green, the list of shades is long ... To choose in soft shades preferably. And this is good because the paint manufacturers have rushed into this trend and offer a wide choice.

Farm and foreign animals

Hens, pigs, cows and other farm animals of course have their place in a country-inspired room! You will find them in the form of stickers, but also in patterns on small decor or small furniture. Stencils are also a good idea for personalizing animals with the colors of your choice (see also paintings with decorative effect).

Bring the plant into the room!

And of course, think of the flowers and plants that will dot your child's room. We think of stickers, friezes, wallpaper sometimes (just a strip can be decorative without overloading). In the small decor, many bedside and desk lamps are adorned with flowers, branches, leaves, sometimes in very bright colors.

Natural materials

Finally, favor raw and natural materials such as wood for furniture. We can choose a raw wood where we distinguish the veins and the knots for more authenticity. Finally, don't forget to give the room to your child and their tastes… Photos of children's rooms to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"