Create birthday decor for kids

Create birthday decor for kids

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On their birthday, children have eyes that sparkle: they wait impatiently for friends to have fun during the entertainment and to taste around a delicious chocolate cake. But for the party to be successful, nothing beats a decor full of pep and fantasy!

Colors, gluttony and good humor

Do you want to know the magic recipe for a dream birthday decoration? Here are the ingredients you need: balloons and lanterns of all the colors (don't be afraid to put too much, there is never enough), festive stickers (like musical notes to display the tone), paper suspensions of several colors to invest the interior or the garden or garlands to hang on the wall or in a tree. We also think of tableware for the snacks of little kings and little princesses: candy skewers of all sizes, giant lollipops and accessories in fanciful tones: hero version plates of cartoons, flashy cushions and flowery vases to give a precious touch if it's a girl's birthday… Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"