Computers, TV, tablets, phones: how to clean them properly?

Computers, TV, tablets, phones: how to clean them properly?

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We love our digital tools. To the point that we use them all day long without ever thinking of disinfecting them, to the point of living with real nests of bacteria. Smartphone, computer, tablet or even TV, no more germs, digital goes to cleaning!

Clean a computer or keyboard

The laptop is THE germ trap in the digital world. The worst ? Its keyboard, five times more loaded with bacteria than a toilet bowl. Normal, since it is almost impossible to clean it thoroughly without dismantling it. Start by turning off the computer, then turn it over and gently tap under the keyboard to drop as much dust as possible. You can also use a can of compressed air, provided you go gently and sparingly. Then wipe the keys with a microfiber cloth slightly soaked (not soaked!) In white vinegar or household alcohol, and do the same for the screen. In any case, never use a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer!

Clean a smartphone

First step, remove the shell if you use one, you could have surprises ... and disinfect it with soapy water or with a cloth, depending on its material. On the smartphone side, start by turning it off, or even removing the battery if you are the worried type. Then use a microfiber cloth, possibly soaked in white vinegar. Watch for fragile parts to avoid getting them wet: microphone, jack, USB slot ... Dry thoroughly before switching on again.

Clean a tablet

To clean a tablet, do it half like a smartphone, half like a computer! Turn it off and remove the shell, if you are using one. Then clean the screen with a soaked microfiber cloth, or a special computer wipe if you prefer. The principle is the same: a cloth and an antibacterial solution. You can also use a cotton swab if certain areas are difficult to access.

Clean a TV

On the television side, the blow of the rag remains the top: it dust, clean and disinfect. On the other hand, do not hesitate to start with a microfiber cloth for dust, before passing a wipe or an antibacterial product. But since neither the fingers nor the ears directly handle the TV, it is generally cleaner than its neighbors.

Clean headphones

They slip into the ears, we do not draw you a drawing as to their cleanliness ... To clean them, a swab of cloth soaked in antibacterial solution or a disinfectant wipe is enough. If your earphones show folds, use a cotton swab. In any case, no liquid inside!

Clean a smartwatch

We will only give you one piece of advice: if your connected watch is not waterproof, clean it with the same luxury of precautions as your computer. In all cases, turn it off beforehand and turn it on again once it is completely dry, knowing that the bracelet is the part that gets dirty the quickest and which is most easily cleaned. For the rest, it is better to read the manual! Otherwise, use a microfiber cloth, possibly a cotton swab. If you choose to soak them in white vinegar, dilute it thoroughly in water.


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