8 decorative Christmas gifts for your mom

8 decorative Christmas gifts for your mom

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1. reading light clothespin Kikkerland, Minimall, 9.90 euros 2. Mug "Mama you are great and you don't have your like", 13.95 euros 3. Photo frame decorative collage, 3Suisses, 19 , 50 euros 4. Crochet duo kit of trapilho baskets to knit yourself, Woolkiss, 19.50 euros 5. Diffuser and fogger of essential oils, Ping Déco, 43.20 euros 6. Engraved cutting board "Kitchen d 'excellence ", 45.90 euros 7. Design watering can Philippi, Idé, 59.90 euros 8. Sweetcase Cyrillus dreamcatcher, 69.90 euros For the Christmas holidays, we would like to see our mothers filled with the joy of receive… they who gave so much! So many sacrifices, dedication, encouragement and unconditional kindness well deserve the best gift (mom, if you read me!). Only here, between good food and gifts from each other, it is not uncommon to find yourself short of ideas, time and / or money to spoil your darling mom.

A mug to tell her that she is great every morning!

To get out of the impasse, the editorial staff of dé gives you 8 gift ideas. From the knitting kit to the reading lamp, including the design watering can or the essential oil diffuser, we thought of all purses but also all mothers. Readers, planters, knitters, zen, gourmets, nostalgics, dreamers and design lovers are in the spotlight for this selection. Merry Christmas to all mothers!