A Christmas decor yes, but mural!

A Christmas decor yes, but mural!

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Small areas? Do not panic, the wall decoration is a simple and effective choice to boost the atmosphere of your interior and offer it the touch of warmth it needs in these end of year celebrations. Advice and selection of objects, the editorial team will guide you in this hunt for tips, follow the guide!

From the ground to the ceiling

Who says Christmas often says illuminations, and in this festive and friendly spirit the lights are welcome to enliven the New Year's Eve with their warm touch. Besides the traditional candles, the light garland also struts delicately on a wall and mirror to highlight your furniture. Slender or designed like a light curtain like the STALACTIC model, it can be arranged with simple pushpins here and there in your room. Allergic to small holes? No problem, just find a place above a window, along a shelf or more simply at the foot of the wall for more modernity.

Although it is self-sufficient, the garland is also a practical support to hang forgotten fir balls, leftover branches and other small decorative elements. In a short time, the latter allows you to obtain a real hanging composition! For more rigidity, a branch will perfectly serve as a basis for your creation to accommodate as many objects as desired. Another alternative to the "creative garland", the cut paper is a boon for the gifted of the chisel. There is no need to budget here, a handful of cut stars can quickly create a new decor for your living room. Light and easy to hang, this compromise offers all the follies to invite constellation and fir forest at home. Always in a practical and aesthetic spirit, the wall decoration also uses the furniture already present in your interior to stage itself. The shelves of the house become the ideal playground to accommodate a few ICE FOREST polar animals and giant letters to honor the Christmas spirit.

The extra detail

The wall decoration is not reduced to decorative and bright objects, but also extends to the windows and mirrors of the house for example, with graphic creations - stickers and other designs dress surfaces with meticulousness to bring a touch of magic. Advice to budding artists: a suitable white felt pen will allow you to draw the desired shapes on the glass surfaces, a simple way to invite snowflakes and positive thoughts at home! Photo credits:

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