How to integrate glass in a bathroom?

How to integrate glass in a bathroom?

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Glass in the bathroom can be found in different parts of the room: the worktop with the use of glass basins, the sliding doors of a storage unit and the shower.

The world of bathing between transparency and balance

Well-being and elegance are the hallmarks of a bathroom in harmony with your desires. To create a unique atmosphere in this room, favor transparency. In this space dedicated to water, glass remains an ideal and timeless material. It can mix with wood, bamboo or concrete. The basins with clean lines will be able to integrate perfectly with exotic wood furniture or a concrete-look floor for a sleek and modern style. Its appearance between sobriety and simplicity gives the space an impression of intimacy and warmth. Whether tinted or sober, glass invites lightness and offers the room a contemporary and trendy universe. The worktop, storage space or bath can be dressed in glass to reflect a "zen" and inimitable atmosphere for your space. Integrating this material in the bathroom promotes the creation of a place that reveals a modern inspiration and is in tune with the times. To enhance the glass, do not neglect the lighting. This combined with the material can give cachet to the space of the bath in order to maintain the perfect balance between the material and the brightness. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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