Christmas decor: we dare pastel pink!

Christmas decor: we dare pastel pink!

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Who said that the Christmas decor should be limited to the red, white and green triptych? Lovers of romance, life in pink and gourmet pleasures: bet on pastel pink and fly away without delay to the land of fairy tales. This year, we dare pink!

Dare to break with traditional Christmas chromatic standards

If red socks, golden balls and the traditional light garland are undoubtedly the kings of Christmas decoration, new styles are emerging to think outside the box. Among these, the pastel pink decor still plays the star role. Far from kitsch atmospheres, pastel pink sprinkles the Christmas decor like light makeup, while delicacy. This subtle entry has the advantage of opening wide the door to decorative creativity. First of all, the tree turns pink with its pearly glass balls, its pink birds to clip, its boa in pink feathers and its garlands in iridescent pearls. The festive table continues with a decorative setting fresh like the rose ... This year for sure, we are going to have a great time!

Combine Christmas and everyday accessories!

The decorative accessories are not to be outdone. If they want to be modern and stylish, they do not abandon the traditional Christmas elements like the ball, the star, the garland or the animals that intrude in all corners of the house and not only on the fir. Delicate lighting and stylized Christmas stars coexist very well with everyday decorative accessories. We think in particular of candy boxes, copper-colored metal objects, vases and their delicate tones or even natural wooden figurines. Do not hesitate to marry this pretty world, however sparingly, on the mantel, the window sill or the shelves in the library. Pastel associations blend into space with the lightness of a feather, giving your interior the air of art galleries with a sweet charm.

Play with colors and materials!

Pastel pink goes wonderfully with nude, silver, coppery, or natural tones, even with other pastels like cloud blue, water green or chick yellow. For a combination without a false note, combine pastel pink with one or two other colors. The powder pink, pearly white and gray marriage available in the tube of 10 balls inspired by the sweet charm trend can be used as a basic color chart. Combined with natural wood, organza or brass, pastel pink enhances the Christmas decor with a nice cozy touch. It remains to play with the shiny, mat, powdery and glitter shades to make your interior a little more angelic ... This year Christmas will be pink!

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