DIY: my Advent calendar suspended

DIY: my Advent calendar suspended

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Who does not keep fond memories of the Advent calendar from childhood? This famous ritual reserving a surprise each day of December has everything to please young and old. Alinéa offers you to make your own calendar, in suspended version for a real decorative touch. The best way to wait before the holidays and gradually get into the Christmas mood!

What you need:

- a wooden hanger (or a nice piece of wood) - masking tape rolls - choice: 24 small envelopes or 24 small cardboard boxes (hexagonal for example) - twin baker twine - gift tags - a pen - felt - a hole punch - scissors

Steps :

1. Start by decorating your hanger by customizing it with the colors of your choice. A very simple option is to wrap colored masking tape around the lower part of the hanger. If you have a spray can, it works too. In both cases, choose a shade in harmony with your decor: golden for a magical Christmas, red or pine green for the traditional version or even polar blue for a frosted side. If you want to create an Advent calendar with Scandinavian influences, you can choose to leave your hanger in raw wood. 2. Then prepare the containers that will welcome the gifts and delicacies. Choose pretty matching envelopes or small cardboard boxes if the objects are larger. Make a hole using the hole punch in your envelopes and in the flat boxes (before mounting them). Do not hesitate to use an original hole punch if you have one: small holes in the shape of stars or trees will be charming details. 3. Decorate your gift tags with masking tape to match the colors of your hanger and mark each number with a marker between 1 and 24.

4. Assemble each container (envelope or box) with a label. 5. Then fill each container with treats or small gifts. Chocolates, candies, small decorative items, vouchers for a movie night or restaurant ... Give free rein to your desires! 6. Finally, hang your 24 containers on the hanger with the twin baker twine by playing on different lengths. If you wish, you can add some decorative elements, such as transparent, light and chic glass balls, or pine cones customized for a more natural side. 7. Hang your hanger on the wall with a small nail, and voila! We bet you are impatient with the idea of ​​opening the first envelope on your calendar! The best is still to make your family Advent calendars (you make the one for your other half and vice versa for example), so that everyone discovers the surprises inside. A nice way to have fun with your family before Christmas! Photo credits: mariewonderwall, marielapirate, jolibonheur, bonjourdarling, leannaearle

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