DIY: sparkling candle holders for a bright Christmas

DIY: sparkling candle holders for a bright Christmas

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For a table decoration while lighting, here is an easy DIY tutorial to create candle jars and light up your Christmas evening. They will create a cozy atmosphere, can be used as small bonus gifts and are also the ideal opportunity to recycle the glass jars of the house!

For a superb Christmas table

Christmas is the magic party par excellence. Gifts, Santa Claus, the excitement of opening gifts ... But also an excellent meal, shared with the family. Emotion, laughter, joy. Magic must also play at the table! The idea is therefore to create a bright and shiny table decoration, in every sense of the word: take care of the decoration! Alinéa gives you every chance to impress your guests: a touch of gold on your dishes, light branches for the natural touch, star plates, an advent wreath in the center of the table…

Put your personal touch with homemade candles

And why not personalize your decor? By sprinkling your table with homemade candle holders, decorated with glitter, the effect will be guaranteed! You can either accumulate them in the center to make a shimmering table runner and thus create a soft and warm atmosphere; or put one next to each glass, with which each guest can go home, as a souvenir of this evening with families or friends.

How to make them?

Material: - Glass jars and jars of different sizes and shapes. - Glitter in the colors of your Christmas decoration - Glue varnish - A plate - Tealights or LED candles - A brush - Scotch tape (optional) The steps: - Arrange your pots in front of you. - In the plate, pour the glitter. - Glue all or just the bottom of your pots (depending on the final result you want). If it is only the bottom, remember to put tape to delimit at the desired height. - Then roll the pots on the plate. You can dust with the brush to harmonize. - Let it dry and place the candle in the jar. And There you go ! You are ready for a glittery Christmas! Credit: © Esperluette

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