Towel folding tutorial: the tuxedo

Towel folding tutorial: the tuxedo

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I do not know what you think about it but I have always found that "English chic" really looked good. Failing to get my spouse to wear the tuxedo daily, I regularly bring a touch of typically English refinement to my party tables. It is true that it is a little easier to set up, I grant you! To make this napkin folding at home too, I detail the 9 steps to get a tuxedo in no time. Are you ready ? So let's start.


1. Open your towel and position the inside face up.

2. Fold your towel in half to form a large triangle.

3. Bring the largest side of the triangle in front of you and fold a strip of about 3 cm that you have just folded over the triangle.

4. Rotate your fold 180 degrees.

5. Fold the right end of your towel and bring it towards you.

6. Repeat with your left tip.

7. Fold inward the left and right ends of your fold.

8. Fold inward the bottom point of your fold.

9. Your tuxedo is almost finished! You can have fun adding a tie or a bow tie, cut from a towel of another color to add the little touch that will make the difference.

For your evenings on the theme of England, James Bond, or for your Christmas Eve evenings, this original towel folding will have its effect! And on this occasion, why not take the opportunity to bring out the tuxedo from the wardrobe? The real one this time. Nothing would make me happier!


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