5 wall decor ideas to personalize the room

5 wall decor ideas to personalize the room

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Your bedroom is truly the most intimate room in your home. It's your place, it reflects your tastes, your personality. It's the first thing you see when you open your eyes, and the last thing before you go to bed: you better like it! Dé gives you today 5 ideas to decorate the walls of the room: inspiring, poetic, flowery, creative ... Make your bets!

A wall decoration that revisits the classics!

A bedroom can be very original with just paint or wallpaper! Dare the offbeat painting: make a painting headboard with a large colored rectangle that contrasts with the decor, for example. Or create a real decor: a starry sky at the head of the bed, or a wall painted in midnight blue with stenciled golden patterns… The most common decorating tip is to put stickers. Especially since these are repositionable and easy to remove if you are tired! A flight of romantic butterflies, a "Sweet dreams" displayed at the head of the bed, a branch of cherry blossom or colorful or geometric headboard stickers ... There is something for all tastes and budgets. The wallpaper is also renewed. There are more and more varied, daring, offbeat patterns. You can cover an entire wall, or play on originality with a strip or two of paper with nice patterns, either at the head of the bed or behind a piece of furniture that you want to highlight (a dressing table, a small desk, etc.). And why not wake up its walls with somewhat original posters? Chic and inexpensive, the poster can be very graphic, artistic or give a touch of humor!

Rebel Walls offers very original wallpapers, whether on the theme of nature, art, wood, travel cards, etc. There is something for everyone.

Wall of mirrors, wall of frames… Long live the accumulation of objects!

To give character to a wall in your bedroom, consider the accumulation of objects. Like a wall of mirrors: randomly accumulating mirrors of various shapes and sizes on a wall allows you to create a dynamic collection. Not only do they catch the light, but it creates rhythm and breath in your decor. You can also make a wall of frames. With inspiring quotes, black and white photos ... don't hesitate to alternate between large and small frames, playing with colors to give pep to a white or slightly dark room. Think carefully about your final rendering before hanging your frames on the wall: once the nail is planted, it will be too late! Finally why not multiply the small shelves in the shape of small houses: they are in tune with the times. You can buy the same in several copies, and repaint or line them with various colored papers inside. This creates a graphic effect on the wall, and brings you a multitude of small non-negligible storage spaces.

La Redoute Interiors offers here a variation of rattan mirrors, but of different shapes and sizes. A blend that works perfectly with natural materials and colors.

Wall weaving, dream catcher ... DIY creations for an ethnic and chic wall decoration!

To bring character to your interior, nothing like beautiful DIY creations to hang or hang! Do not panic if you are not at all manual or creative: you will easily find online little creators of adorable objects at all prices. The first idea that imposes itself, in a room, is to put on the wall a dreamcatcher, the famous Native American dreamcatcher. The bigger it is, the more it will dress the wall. Unless you hang more than one, to catch even more dreams and guarantee you a peaceful sleep (unless you have children!). A pretty wool wall weaving will give a slightly bohemian atmosphere to your room. The good news is that this is a fairly simple technique and you can make beautiful, very decorative weavings. They bring a touch of softness and color to your walls! And why not simply a masking tape decoration? Easy to install, and therefore easy to remove, it is above all a cheap idea to create an original and unique headboard. Whether it's a giant letter, a geometric shape, origami birds or an inspiring word: anything goes.

Morgane offers superb weavings of all sizes and colors on her Plan B blog. And she explains how to do it step by step!

Decorate the walls of the room by displaying words

Make words rhyme with decoration by playing on typographies and materials, and put color on your walls! We display mantras, mood or poetic words to create an atmosphere. Wool is fashionable with the words made in knitting. Today there are mechanical knitters that will save you precious time. Then you are free to post a single word or an entire sentence on your wall! We recommend a "Sweet Dreams" or "Chuuuuut" at the head of the bed! Is your room lacking in light? Put your words on stage with luminous letters for an industrial or arty atmosphere. This will give character to your room and bring a soft and subdued light in the evening. We can finally dress a bedroom wall by simply quoting above the bed for example (written in stencil or in stickers) with a positive sentence to motivate, in the morning: "Today is the first day the rest of your life "!

Maisons du Monde offers a large choice of decorative products with a message: frames, words to hang or ask ... All in a good mood!

Invite nature into the room

Waking up in the morning, surrounded by green plants, is more than pleasant! To invite nature into the room, it is enough to start decorating the walls of the room with flowers and green plants. First option: install wall shelves on which to place the pots. Second option: you can also bet on hanging flower pots, in a very nice macrame pendant for example. Or hang your plants upside down. As a third option, you can hang small wall vases with fresh flowers (remember to change them regularly) or artificial ones. And why not a plant table, or even a plant wall (you should know that plants only reject an insignificant amount of CO2 at night and therefore not harmful to health)? Treat yourself.

Why not bet on a natural decoration?


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