10 tips and tricks for a successful cake

10 tips and tricks for a successful cake

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The galette des rois is an unmissable institution in January, which is eaten a few days before and after the Epiphany. What if, instead of going to get it from your favorite baker, you tried to make it yourself this year? Do not panic, the recipe is rather simple and accessible to all. But, my cake is capricious and a certain number of elements must be taken into account for it to be perfect. We have put together some clever tips to make your galette make the whole family baba!

The perfect recipe for puff pastry

Ideally, it is better to make a homemade puff pastry than to buy it ready-made at the supermarket. Indeed, vacuum pasta is less good and often too thin for a pancake, but if you opt for this solution buy it pure butter. Note that you can also order it from your baker. If you make it yourself, plan the same amount of flour with high gluten content and high quality butter (this will radically change the taste of the dough) but also a little fine salt.

Successful frangipane

Traditionally, frangipane is a mixture of pastry cream and almond cream. Count between 300 and 500 grams - or 1.5 centimeters thick - for a nice cake. When making the frangipane, take care that the creams are not hot! Indeed, for your dessert to have an ideal hold and texture, the butter must be softened but not melted. This will also save you from making the latter disgusting.

Cool the wafer structure

The temperature is a key element in the success of the galette des rois. Make sure to keep the puff pastry discs as well but also the cream cool. Otherwise, the wafer may deform. Once your puff pastry is finished, place it in the refrigerator for about twenty minutes and do the same with the frangipane once it is ready. Once the cake is assembled, put everything back in the fridge for about fifteen minutes before putting it in the oven.

Lighten the traditional cake

Do you have trouble keeping up with the holiday season or do you want to start a post-Christmas diet? Know that you do not have to deprive yourself of the galette des rois. Just lighten the recipe by replacing the butter with crème fraîche and varying the filling with fruit, for example. You can also cook a dry patty, without frangipane or garnish.

Opt for an original garnish

If you don't like classic frangipane or want to innovate, there are a multitude of fruity, chocolate or even alcoholic recipes to reinvent your cake. You can opt for a garnish made with apples and caramel or raspberries; pears and almonds; coffee or chocolate; chestnuts or morello cherries or candied fruit with a hint of rum. Consider making different individual pancakes if you want to taste several.

Create a perfect weld of the edges of the wafer

To make a patty, it is imperative to leave between 1.5 and 2 centimeters of paste at the ends of the two discs in order to stick them together. To do this, solder the edges of the dough with your fingers up to the filling and chew the dough. In other words, give small knives (non-cutting side) on the edge of the dough. Remember to lightly pierce the dough in places with a fork so that it does not swell.

Make a unique bean

When making your recipe, don't forget to drop the bean! You can completely use a small porcelain santon or a bean that you had kept but you can also create the surprise by making yourself a pretty DIY bean with your children. In Fimo dough, salt dough, pearls ... There is no shortage of ideas. Also make a paper crown for those who discover it on their plate.

Decorate the top of the cake

Before going to cooking, remember to decorate the top of your cake by making patterns with the tip of a knife, without piercing the dough. Let your creativity run free by drawing curves, flowers or geometric shapes and you will get a cake worthy of a pastry chef!

Have a shiny patty

Do you want your cake to be golden brown? With a kitchen brush, paint the top of the pastry with an egg yolk diluted in a little water before placing it in the refrigerator for half an hour. Repeat the operation a second time and leave the cake for one hour in the fridge before placing it in the oven at 180 ° C for 40 minutes. The little extra for a shiny cake? Put a little icing sugar five minutes before the end of cooking.

Do not freeze a baked patty

You can make a pancake in advance, if you know that you will receive guests for a snack, for example, and freeze it. But be careful to put it in the freezer raw and not cooked, otherwise you risk drying the dough which will then lose its softness.