How to arrange an outdoor kitchen?

How to arrange an outdoor kitchen?

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The outdoor kitchen prevents you from going back and forth inside during the summer, and allows you to enjoy meals in the garden more. Fixed, nomadic or modular; made of wood, stone or metal; compact or scalable… there is no shortage of models. An overview of the possibilities offered by an outdoor kitchen and expert advice on how to best organize it.

What style of outdoor kitchen to choose?

There are a multitude of models of outdoor kitchens on the market, of all sizes and at all prices. So you will have to think carefully about your needs before you start a purchase. Whether it is fixed (in stone, concrete or brick) and therefore available all year round, or mobile (in metal or wood) to be available only in summer, your outdoor kitchen must above all be functional. So that you can adapt them to your desires, many models are modular. Some outdoor kitchens are fitted with casters, others are upgradeable, some compact and minimalist, or can be entirely made to measure. In short, with the wide choice offered by brands, you will find a format to your liking. And don't forget to ask yourself the right questions before buying your outdoor kitchen: where will you install it? How many square meters are you going to allocate to it? How can you prevent odors from disturbing your neighborhood?

Timeless, this stone kitchen immediately appetites us!

What type of cooking for outdoor cooking?

Grill like barbecue, plancha or oven (bread and pizza), you can combine one, two or three types of cooking in your outdoor kitchen. Note that gas appliances are still more practical and simple to connect than electric models. * The barbecue: essential for lovers of grilling. Even if a wood oven could very well be an illusion! * The wood oven: now accessible, the wood oven allows you to cook pizzas, breads, gratins and stewed meats ... * La plancha: ideal for quick meals and simple kitchens. It is also easier to clean and allows healthy cooking.

Rather plancha or barbecue? You choose !

The essentials of an outdoor kitchen

Like the indoor kitchen, the outdoor kitchen requires some essential accessories for maximum autonomy. So choose your outdoor kitchen by integrating 4 criteria. * A cooking space (grills, plancha or oven). * A sink for easy rinsing and washing. * A work surface for cutting condiments, cooking and preparing plates. * Storage to store dishes, condiments and kitchen utensils, sheltered from the weather, without having to go back and forth inside.

A work plan, a grill, a sink and storage: the account is good.

Where to install the outdoor kitchen?

You will almost always find a small corner outside to comfortably set up your kitchen outdoors. Note that you will need at least a surface of 10m2 so that it is practical and secure. Then it's up to you to determine its location: in the garden, on the terrace or in an outbuilding. As an extension of your indoor kitchen, a stone's throw from the pool, or very close to the dining table. Against a wall, aligned or L-shaped to delimit an area… It all depends on your space, but the idea is to create a second living room in the garden, friendly and functional.

A modular outdoor kitchen can adapt to your space.

Technical questions for furnishing the outdoor kitchen

Check beforehand whether it is necessary to obtain a building permit, especially for fixed kitchens, but often a simple declaration of work is enough. Get closer to your town hall to find out more. Also make sure you have everything you need in terms of water and electricity supply. However, outdoor kitchens often only need a cold water supply. In this case, a simple connection to the garden hose will be more than enough. Depending on the kitchen model you choose, make sure that there is a system for the disposal of wastewater, with a drain pan or a pipe directed to the sewers. A word of advice: don't forget to install a lighting system so you can cook in the evening under the stars without any hassle.

As long as summer is long to make the most of your outdoor kitchen!


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