Large vis-à-vis in the garden: how to arrange small corners out of sight?

Large vis-à-vis in the garden: how to arrange small corners out of sight?

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To live happy, live hidden ! A benevolent saying that is sometimes difficult to implement when the outdoor spaces are subject to vis-à-vis. And yet, there is no shortage of tricks to make your garden corners charming intimate cocoons, far from prying eyes.

A curtain of sheers as a privacy screen

In this quest for privacy, the fabrics of the house are welcome to make a custom-made privacy screen. Bed sheets or net curtains then find a place of choice in the garden and lightly intrude on improvised supports to decorate the outside with a blackout curtain. We use all the hooks at hand to install the fabrics. Branches of trees and tall plants become our allies to stretch the thread of our future garden curtain. A quick and easy staging, which will keep you from the eyes of your neighbors in a few minutes. You can then enjoy a relaxing session with peace of mind.

Fruit trees and net curtains for a summer sweet setting

A bohemian tent to protect yourself from others

Nothing like enjoying a moment of calm in the garden than a small cocoon in the shape of a tent. To make your own, only bring a few branches and old sheets. Once knotted together at a central point, we stretch the ends of each section of fabric before stabilizing them on the ground using nature (pretty pebble or large pebble), or some decorative elements (large cushions and flower pots). Young and old alike will love hiding inside to immerse themselves for a few hours in reading an adventure novel!

Insulate yourself under a patchwork of fabrics. Guaranteed relaxation!

The stretched canvas version to protect from prying eyes

Vis-à-vis sometimes comes from the sky! Or, in any case, the floors of the houses and buildings of your neighbors. In this case, the sheets of the house squeeze just as well in height to create a screen like canvas stretched. Three or four points of attachment are enough to stretch the fabric so that it protects the curious but also from the sun. Besides the tall vegetation from the outside, also think of the elements fixed on the walls of the house to come and tie a piece of fabric - for example the wall lights and the pipes to hang our future stretched canvas. Once these anchor points have been identified, you can enjoy the peace of mind, away from prying eyes and UV rays!

Be protected from the sun like looks!

A vegetable breeze view

Exotic alternative to stretched fabrics: garden plants! Tall and leafy, they provide a very effective veil of privacy when they are fast growing species. You have two options: tall plants and climbing plants. We choose these types of plants according to the layout of the garden to allow it to benefit from a natural wall. If no attachment point is available, the best solution remains the pile of potted or earth plants on a defined line. With a height that can exceed 10 meters, bamboos will be your most loyal allies in this quest for privacy. For the climbing plant option, a stake must be installed in the area opposite. Wood or metal stakes become the ideal ground for the Virginia creeper, jasmine or honeysuckle. Thanks to their rapid growth, they are ideal species to hide a vis-à-vis!

When plants serve your privacy