Choosing the right bed linen

Choosing the right bed linen

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Whether you are a late riser or an early sleeper, the bed is essential! In cotton, percaline and even linen, you choose your material and especially you dare the color and the prints. For singing mornings, always at low prices!

A very soft cloth

No more scratching sheets and no more excuses not to renew yours. The month of white is there for that with very soft prices. On the shelves, make way for exclusive offers with double bedding sets including duvet cover and pillowcases from € 22.99 (FOGLIA) and € 27.99 (DREAM)! Ideal to freshen up your room without waiting for sunny days! Want even more sweetness? From 29.99 euros, you get a duvet cover in 100% percale cotton (PERCALINE line). For the record, percale is a high quality cotton made with long and fine fibers. For duvet covers, it is the must because the touch is silky.

A rainbow of colors

Is your interior rather classic? Be bold with your bed linen! On the shelves, the operation, beautifully called the month of the White, it nevertheless offers ornaments and articles of all colors. Pillows, fitted sheets and duvet covers, your pastel plains (PERCALINE line) or, on the contrary, flat tones (VITAMINE line). Perfect for creating an atmosphere in a room, the prints set the tone. Pop atmosphere with seventies patterns (BLACK AND WHITE), graphic touch (COAST) or chic contemporary cocoon (NOLAN), everyone has their style! Finally, we often tend to buy a complete set in the same colors. What if we had fun mismatching it? We dare pillowcases and a fitted sheet united with a printed duvet cover. The pillow sizes are superimposed on the head of the bed as in hotels and the colors are mixed.

We keep smart

Without teaching you how to do laundry. Did you know that bed linen requires some special precautions to keep it fresh and soft for longer? So, before using your sheets for the first time, wash them cold to dissolve the primers and surplus of colored pigments. Always wash patterned covers inside out to prevent wear and premature erasure. And no bleach which weakens the laundry. Finally, a malignant fiber, linen is very fashionable (LINKO line). Resistant and flexible, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. It crumples with elegance and above all improves with time. Over the washings, it becomes more and more soft for your comfort. Try it now!

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