I want a bouquet of dried flowers!

I want a bouquet of dried flowers!

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Do you think that bouquets of dried flowers are reserved for the interiors of dusty grandmothers? Think again ! These vegetal compositions which stand in a vase for many months without watering can be of crazy elegance, provided that certain essential decoration rules are respected. Our instructions for making irresistible dry bouquets.

The subtle art of the dry bouquet

First of all, let's put our feet in the dish. Nothing is worse than dried flowers that are discolored, sagging and covered with a layer of dust. Dried roses that bow their heads, washed hydrangeas and the birthday bouquet of the previous decade are absolutely not feng shui and can go directly to the trash! A beautiful bouquet of dried flowers must be structured and airy, in a resolutely poetic spirit. It brings volume, captures the light and recalls the grasses that dry in the open field. Designed as a full-fledged plant composition, it should remain as natural as possible. And above all, it must remain ephemeral. A dry bouquet will keep for a few months at most before being replaced by a new bouquet!

Limonium stays colorful and elegant when dry

What flowers can be dried?

To succeed in its dry bouquet, the most important thing is therefore to choose the right flowers. It is above all not a question of drying the bouquet you have just received, even if it is magnificent, but rather of picking, buying or even cultivating varieties really suited to this use. Think of all the plants that already have a slightly dry appearance and that will keep a good hold in a vase once dehydrated. Our zero risk selection! * Craspedia * Lavender * Wheat * Pope's coin * Cotton stalks * Thistles * Immortals * Eucalyptus branches * Santolines * Gypsophila * Hydrangea * Statice * Oval pines (or hare tails) * Aromatic: thyme, rosemary * Willow branches tortuous * All grasses

The "rabbit tails", even more beautiful dry…

How to dry flowers?

The stage of drying the flowers is extremely simple. Just choose flowers that are just blooming or budding, remove the leaves and hang them upside down in a dry, dark room for three weeks. Specialists recommend picking the flowers in the middle of the morning (once the dew has evaporated) and making small bouquets of four or five stems tied with a string. Once the flowers are completely dry, they are ready to be placed in a vase. A common tip is to spray a bit of hair spray, but it's best to do a little test first. Note: another technique is to coat the flowers with a mixture of hot water and glycerin before drying them. Those in a hurry can also cover the flowers with silica gel in an airtight container closed for three or four days, but nothing beats drying in the open air: patience!

Lavender, star of dried flowers

Some ideas of 100% decorative dry bouquets

If you are tempted by the experience, summer and autumn are ideal times to introduce you to the art of dry bouquets. Do not hesitate to dry many varieties and let your creativity run wild! Think of the large bouquets of grasses, the small round bouquets to offer and don't hesitate to fill up on dry flowers to decorate a table or add volume to an autumn bouquet… Some ideas of dry bouquets: * Thistles and craspedias * Lavender and wheat * Blue hydrangeas and thistles * Lavender and immortelle * Lavender and rosemary * Roses and baby's breath * Pope's currency and grasses * Limonium latifolium, baby's breath and wheat * Thyme and clover flowers…

Hydrangea must dry in the dark to keep its colors


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