Before / after: an open and colorful kitchen in Tetris mode!

Before / after: an open and colorful kitchen in Tetris mode!

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How to transform a standard kitchen into an original open kitchen? This is the challenge that arose in this Parisian apartment of 55 m2, with a very sober decor. The green and anthracite gray kitchen has become a central element of the accommodation, where it brings a touch of cheerfulness and modernity. The plus of this custom kitchen? The fun side of Tetris block closets! Located in the 8th district of Paris, this 55 m2 apartment has an 8 m2 kitchen, with standard equipment and lots of light. In itself, it is a beautiful space for a kitchen, but it is partitioned and the owners wish to open it to the rest of the apartment to make the main room more convivial and bathe the apartment in light. If their apartment with white walls gives in elegance and sobriety, they wish for their kitchen to bring a touch of originality and modernity: the architect to find the right alchemy so that this space meets the demand without denoting with the rest of the apartment! So, an open, modern and made-to-measure kitchen, all for a budget of € 8,000: let's go!

Long original cuisine

The original kitchen is very long. Work surface, cupboards, large refrigerator: the space of 8 m2 already accommodates all the essential equipment. Even more since the kitchen also serves as a laundry room with the washing machine in its center. Little more: the owners have managed to arrange a dining area thanks to a folding board and two stools. Among the advantages of this kitchen, it should also be noted the presence of this large opening facing due west which allows to enjoy a beautiful light, ideal for cooking! Too bad, then, not to share it with the rest of the apartment! Hence the decision of the owners to call on an architect. The objective: to design an open kitchen, with optimized storage, to make the apartment more convivial and to enlarge the dining area.

BEFORE: the original 8 m2 kitchen is well designed and well appointed, but the owners dream of an open kitchen to give more character to their Parisian apartment!

An open kitchen to release the light

To take advantage of the light source facing west from the kitchen, the best solution is still to knock down the partitions! Thanks to this new opening, the owners and their guests are dazzled from the entrance by the light emanating from the large window of the kitchen area. The living room also benefits from this sunbathing: brighter, the living room is immediately more pleasant. Especially since the white walls perfectly reflect this new light source.

AFTER: the tilt-and-turn window in the kitchen area diffuses the light throughout the apartment. From the entrance, we take advantage of this new opening which ventilates the room and enlarges it.

A custom kitchen to optimize storage

The original kitchen already had plenty of storage space. Here, the architect wanted to optimize storage by designing a custom kitchen. From now on, the back wall is from floor to ceiling dedicated to household appliances and storage with numerous cupboards: zero space lost! On the right wall, when you stand in front of the bar on the living room side, three other large cupboards can be used to store other kitchen utensils or anything else. Indeed, this space between the kitchen and the entrance can have several functions: the two lowest cupboards can thus serve as a buffet on which to put your keys, shopping bags, and some decorative elements: flowers, frames, object decoration… The smooth surface of the cupboards without handles and their different sizes have also earned the project the little name of "Tetris kitchen"! Indeed, have you noticed that they form blocks which, entangled, recall the famous game that we had ten years ago on our mobile phones? We thank the architect for this vintage nod!

AFTER: the compact cupboards optimize storage. The large set of L-shaped cupboards can be used as an entrance hall.

A modern, chic and shock kitchen to boost the living room

Last but not least, the look of this kitchen space! To contrast with the white walls of the living room, the architect opted for an anthracite and brushed steel kitchen. These sober shades allow you to have an elegant kitchen space and guarantee a certain harmony with the rest of the apartment. For more originality, the bar and the visible wall are of a deep green which immediately energizes the whole. The brightly colored stools blend perfectly with the bar: these very colorful decorative touches are enough to give a young and contemporary look to the kitchen area.

AFTER: the bright colors of the bar and stools bring fantasy to the kitchen area, and make you want to taste colorful dishes!

Find out more: Architect: Patty Martinvalet Architect D.E.H.M.O.N.P Société PMV Architecture workshop Photographer: Joanna Zielinska Works: Rita & Sons