8 tips to launder your clothes and laundry

8 tips to launder your clothes and laundry

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The all-white? We love. Bed linen, towels, table linen or clothes, we like the sleek, Scandinavian look, soft as a cloud ... until white turns yellow or gray. To keep our favorite fabrics whiter than white or to whiten them once stained, we pick from grandma's tips!

1 - Lemon

A natural whitening agent, lemon juice can revive our favorite white fabrics. And the method is very simple: we squeeze a lemon, add it with the detergent to the washing machine tub and let it spin. Plan B ? Soak the yellowed or grayed linen in a basin of lemon water, until it regains the desired shine. As for the perspiration stains under the armpits of white shirts or t-shirts, we gently rub them with a cut lemon!

2 - Baking soda

You already knew that baking soda does everything in the house, without polluting and for a low price. Same story, therefore, on the laundry side to be laundered: half a cup of powder added to the detergent in the machine tray boosts the shine and revives the whiteness. Even better ? In prevention, two tablespoons with all the white detergents will keep the shine longer. If tablecloths or clothes show more stains, a little water mixed with bicarbonate is enough to make a paste to apply as a stain remover before washing.

3 - Baking powder

No baking soda on hand? So search the kitchen cupboard. Baking powder, the one that swells cakes, has the same properties as bicarbonate. A sachet of yeast in the detergent drawer is therefore enough to offer the same whitening effects.

4 - Oxygenated water

Since hydrogen peroxide discolours hair, you can imagine its whitening powers on the fabric. First option, we simply add it to the detergent drawer of the washing machine, long and very hot program. Second option, it is diluted in a basin of hot water before soaking the laundry. In all cases, we are content with a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide and we reserve it for solid fabrics, cotton type without patterns.

5 - Milk

When the white linen begins to draw gray, we place a brick of milk in the fridge and fill the ice cube trays. Then pour the milk with double the water and a nice dose of ice cubes in a large bowl, before adding the laundry to be bleached. Once well soaked, let it soak for an hour, it should regain its radiance. All you have to do is rinse it and dry it, preferably in full sun!

6 - The soda crystals

Half a cup of soda in the washing machine, and go for a wash that wakes up the glow. The trick works with white as with colors, and allows, in passing, to maintain the washing machine by removing lime.

7 - Sodium percarbonate

It was also believed but no, sodium percarbonate is not the equivalent of baking soda. It is a mixture of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide, which more or less amounts to using hydrogen peroxide in powder form. A bleaching agent, therefore, to be added directly to the washing machine or to a basin to soak the laundry, at the rate of about one tablespoon.

8 - White vinegar

We were not going to talk to you about cleaning without slipping in, at least once, the inevitable white vinegar… And the champion of ecological cleaners can also revive the shine of the laundry. If your favorite napkins or tablecloths turn yellow or gray, add half a cup of vinegar to the drum of the washing machine. Or spray directly on the stained areas!