Mobasolar, direct solar energy

Mobasolar, direct solar energy

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Since 2009, Mobasolar, an Alsatian photovoltaic company, has been outlining our future relationship with energy. Consume less, find sustainable resources, in harmony with our natural and social environment, becomes a crucial issue when choosing or building housing. But installing solar panels can sometimes be intimidating. Christian Brendle and Marc Keller, co-founders of Mobasolar, quickly turned to the development of self-production / self-consumption, returning to the personal project that pushes households to turn to solar energy: direct use, without buyout , and with light and fast administrative formalities.

From TerraGrif, a cutting-edge solution invented by Mobasolar for grounding and sold worldwide, and from the grounding of the million panels installed in Bordeaux to supply households in a city, with clever solutions, fun and economical, based on all types of supports, roofs, facades or floors, the globally respected company carries out a wide range of projects.

In the AlterreNativ range: * the "2-axis follower" is easily installed in a garden and follows the sun like a sunflower, * the "sunbreaker" is inspired by advances in Alsatian roofs allowing the entry of the sun's rays in winter and radiation protection in summer, * the electric bicycle charger encourages us to drive green.

Mobasolar relies on a network of partners throughout France, providing a local service and a guarantee of follow-up, and on a multi-generational team for solid and lasting development. The products are produced mainly in France, even locally. Finally, before the installation of any installation, Mobasolar ensures that it corresponds to the real needs of the home, through a study of its consumption and lifestyle. You don't need to produce too much, because storage is still expensive and you have to produce energy when you use it. But this is the future, and Mobasolar is committed to the democratization of storage.

For the moment, we are not aiming for total autonomy, but self-consumption opens the mind and promotes societal awareness. It is full of resources for individuals, condominiums, small businesses, restaurateurs, convenience stores, supermarkets, offices ... Those of Mobasolar, self-sufficient for a good part of the year, are a good example. Contact : Mobasolar, 10 rue des serruriers, 68600 Wolfgantzen Telephone: 03 89 41 35 96 Email: [email protected] Site: /


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