How to lunch in the office in style?

How to lunch in the office in style?

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You don't have time to go home for lunch on weekdays but you don't want to sacrifice your good eating habits? Tired of the restaurant diet every lunchtime? Then the picnic break at the office is for you! Lunchbox, lunch box, bento… each country has its own name, but everywhere in the world, the idea is the same: take your home-cooked meal in a practical way. If the aesthetics are there, it's even better, so here are some tips for lunch in the office in style!

The bento, or the essential lunch at the office

In terms of the stylish lunch box, the Japanese are serious competitors to the mess tin as we imagine. In Japan, it is both a box with several compartments, each containing cooked and refined dishes, and the word used to designate a unique and extremely popular dish. Much more appetizing than yesterday's leftovers for lunch at the office! If you want to play the bento card to the full, adopt the traditional, lacquered wooden box, very chic. Otherwise, the modern plastic versions, much more practical, we will not hide it from you, will certainly suit you!

A sleek bento in flashy colors, ideal for appetite at the office!

The designer plastic lunch box

As you can see, taking a designer lunch box out of your picnic bag is always more pleasant than the old Tupperware® inherited from granny. Manufacturers today imagine models that are as aesthetic as practical. Some can even be personalized with custom colors like on ideal for avoiding having your lunch stung by a distracted or hungry colleague! However, do not sacrifice your health for style and always favor lunch boxes made of materials that comply with current food standards, especially for plastic, with products guaranteed to be BPA-free.

Lunch box, soup pot or snack container, enough to refuel at work without wasting time!

Glass and jars to transport your lunch, as before

If the idea of ​​eating every lunchtime in a plastic bowl puts you off, know that our grandmothers' jars are coming back in force! These glass containers, whose virtues for food preservation are no longer proven, come out of the cupboards to brighten up your lunch break at the office. Not only is the glass practical for reheating your meal (it is healthy and recyclable), but it also offers many possibilities for the design of the containers. Mason jars (these famous old-fashioned American jars) or their French equivalent Le Parfait, canned food diverted in lunch boxes or designer glass lunch boxes, you are spoiled for choice in terms of style. The advantage of glass is that its transparency allows you to stage your lunch so as to make your colleagues jealous!

The jars will elegantly and transparently magnify your savory or sweet recipes for office lunches!

An insulated container to transport your lunch to the office

Transporting your packed lunch is good, making sure that food is properly stored is better. In summer, we prefer that our house salad is not "cooked" by the ambient heat, and in winter, we really want our soup to stay warm. For this, opt for an insulated lunch box. Do not panic, you are not asked to choose between your essential hot morning drink and your lunch! There are now easy-to-fill food containers, in which you can even eat thanks to their wide opening. That of Ikea, designed by designer Anna Efverlund has the added advantage of being made of metal and therefore impact resistant, without forgetting its low price!

A pencil holder? No! An ultra-practical insulated container to transport your soups and enjoy a light meal at the office!

3 in 1 lunch boxes

To avoid the disappointment of having forgotten the container with your dessert (we know what we are talking about), nothing like a 3 in 1 lunch box. On the same principle as bentos, these are meals with several compartments, in which you can arrange the different elements of your meal: vegetables to eat, proteins, starchy foods, fresh fruit, slice of cake ... A compact size, easy to transport and an intelligent design that will make your life easier! If you are sensitive to the origin of the materials and you can do without heating your meal in the microwave, opt for an old-fashioned stainless steel bowl, like that of the Ecolunchbox which offers a set of 3 in 1 to organize your meal in a stylish and eco-friendly way.

A deliciously retro stainless steel lunch box? We say yes!

With your designer and functional lunch box, lunches at the office will become real moments of pleasure in your busy day. Enjoy your meal !


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