How to remove rust?

How to remove rust?

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Natural products to remove rust

Potato, lemon, onion ... the best solutions to rid your toolbox of rust are in your kitchen  

When it comes to objects that we care about or eat, we are rather cooled at the idea of ​​playing apprentice chemists with household products. For those who do not want to take risks, déco.fr has selected six natural solutions to remove rust from metal objects or stained floors.

1. Vinegar and white vinegar

If you have old tools covered with rust, nothing like a good little scrub in a vinegar or white vinegar bath. Let them soak and then rub their rusty parts to remove any stains.

2. Soda

In your kitchen, do you have a kettle, a saucepan, a rusty knife and some soda left in the fridge? You can soak your dishes directly in the cola. The acid it contains will attack rust and remove it.

3. Lime and salt

Some rusted items cannot be soaked in solutions, such as piping or tile joints. Then put lime juice on the rust, then pour salt. Salt mixed with lemon creates a chemical reaction that releases the acid from the fruit. Leave on for a good half hour. Then soak a lemon cloth and rub. If the rust has not completely disappeared, repeat the operation a second time. In case you have stained your tiles with rust, place the salt on the stains then rub them with half a lemon. After allowing the juice to act, rinse with water.

4. The onion

Whether on stainless steel, carbon or another material, onions are a good solution to remove the rust that has formed there. Cut the vegetable in half and rub the stain directly with it.

5. The potato

A little grandmother's tip to remove rust from your metals is to rub on the spots with a potato cut in half. The acid it contains attacks rust and makes it disappear.

6. Baking

For a more abrasive action on rust, you can use bicarbonate with vinegar or potato. For the bicarbonate-vinegar mixture, put on gloves and add, in a container, a spoon of bicarbonate with a spoon of vinegar. Apply the solution to the rust and, after a quarter of an hour, rinse everything with a damp sponge. For the bicarbonate-potato mixture, start by cutting the potato in half, then sprinkle it with bicarbonate and rub the rust.

Chemical solutions to clean rust stains

Some rust stains will be removed more easily with chemicals. This is the case of stains on concrete or granite. No need for large manipulations, just a few precautions: remember to wear gloves and not leave the products within reach of small hands.

1. Oxalic acid

To remove a rust stain from concrete, apply oxalic acid to a stiff bristle brush and scrub. Rinse and wipe with a clean cloth.

2. The bleach

If you need to remove rust from a granite wall, bleach is a good ally. Clean the stained surface with a bleached sponge.

How to avoid rust stains?

With oil and vinegar, we certainly make salad dressing but also miracles against rust  

After all these efforts to remove rust from your home, it would be a shame to let it settle in again. A few little grandmother's tricks can help you save your energy by keeping your items away from humidity.

1. Olive oil

Nothing like greasing cleaned items to prevent the appearance of rust. Rather than buying express products, we suggest you open your cupboards, it's more economical. Catch the olive oil, pour it into a bowl and immerse your metal objects in the liquid for 5 minutes. Wipe them with absorbent paper ... and they are protected!

2. Coal and rice

Admittedly: inside our toolbox, rust often makes a real carnage. To avoid staining all of your clothes every time you get into DIY, just place a piece of charcoal or a little rice at the bottom of the box. They absorb moisture and prevent our tools from getting rusty.


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