How new handles decorate your doors

How new handles decorate your doors

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Often forgotten object, the door handle is a decorative accessory which can have its small effect! It is an integral part of our daily lives, so it is a shame to confine it to its primary goal: allowing us to open the doors. Because the handles can also open the doors… to the decor. Discover three styles for three atmospheres, a simple but effective focus to transform your interior quickly.

Retro style handles to decorate your door

On the program, bright colors, pastel, rounded tones and patterns: the retro style offers a dynamic and refined look to our space, a bit playful. We shake up the codes of the traditional handle to offer a lively model that uses classic shapes. An adequate transition for children's bedrooms and playrooms thanks to its sparkling touch. On the color side, nothing is prohibited! Let your desires speak to choose the shade that will wake up the door in question. There are many forms: cloud, drop of water, animals or simple round, whatever the style selected, thanks to the color it will be embellished. The patterns are also welcome to accentuate this pop aspect with the addition of polka dots or stripes: we then offer a two-tone rendering between soft color and tangy tint to simply integrate it into our interior decoration.

Pastel color and rounded shapes for a pop effect that opens the doors to the imagination. An ideal handle for a child's bedroom.

Contemporary handles to decorate the door

The contemporary spirit finds its essence in the purified forms and colors. Geometry, metallic appearance and new technologies combine to create designer handles that transform the look of a space. We favor here minimalist models to boost the classic or traditional appearance of a door. Rounded or square, the handle is presented without ornamentation. A simple and direct form that transmits only the essentials to obtain an accessory that can be easily integrated into our interior. Finesse is therefore essential in this quest for modernity. To accentuate the futuristic effect, other options can intelligently decorate the door handle: as brilliantly proved by the model signed Michael Samoriz, which lights up with a colored beam when the room is occupied by a guest. A backlit version ideal for bathrooms and large families!

Contemporary effect for this backlit handle that changes color depending on the passages.

New handles for a return to classic style

Far from being shunned, the classic or even traditional style is a considerable asset when it comes to bringing character to our interior. Guarantors of a certain authenticity, the old handles are revealed through singular shapes or materials of yesteryear. Among them, we can cite glass, porcelain or brass, for more or less worked handles. The design is, depending on the material, embellished with ornaments. This bias gives the door a more vintage look. Soft and authentic, this type of handle is commercially available but can also be found on flea markets and markets. An economical and aesthetic way of dressing its doors to transform spaces, and thus bring them more cachet.

Old style or boudoir atmosphere, the materials of yesteryear sublimate our door with subtlety!