Wedding list: what can I wear that will be really useful at home?

Wedding list: what can I wear that will be really useful at home?

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Dishes: the unconditional of wedding lists, useful version!

For your wedding list, opt for a beautiful set of dishes with Scandinavian patterns that you are sure to use every day!  

Wedding lists do not necessarily mean silverware, crystal glasses and porcelain service. First of all, keep in mind that your wedding gifts can be useful to you on a daily basis. Instead of the service of 12 crystal champagne flutes that you will use 3 times in your life for fear of breaking them and, by the way, of washing them by hand as they do not pass in the dishwasher, fall for the coffee service of Scandinavian inspiration that has been catching your eye for a few months and which will serve you for sure on a daily basis. Do not be afraid to include practical elements in your wedding list. Take a few minutes and simply take stock of what you are missing in your kitchen or what you would like to renew.

Technology in your wedding list

The multifunction robot is a precious asset on your wedding list ... but above all in your future life together!  

How about opting for objects that in the short or long term will make your life easier or make you appreciate everyday life? High-performance vacuum cleaner, programmable multi-cooker robot, but also new computer or even sound system to recreate a home theater at home, many are the high-tech objects that could by need or pleasure delight you. Technology is now part of our daily lives, so it is far from absurd to integrate it into your wedding list.

Furniture for a truly useful wedding gift!

Buying a sofa is sometimes a real small investment! If you can get the sofa of your dreams for your wedding, take the opportunity!  

Whether or not the newlyweds have already lived together before D-Day, the wedding list is an opportunity to decorate or redecorate your apartment. Objective: create the cocoon you've always dreamed of to live as a couple or a family. So don't forget to put the furniture and the sofa that you want at the top of your list, and don't forget to consult your loved one! Do you think their prices will scare guests? Do not panic, today there are many online wedding lists that offer the possibility of having multiple contributors for a single gift. And then the wedding guests will be delighted to enjoy your new sofa during the housewarming party!

On your wedding list, a design piece that makes you want

On your wedding list, don't forget to add a design piece or an art object that makes you dream: if not, how could it be the happiest day of your life?  

A wedding list also makes it possible to afford goods out of reach in normal times: a design object, a designer piece of furniture, a work of art. Remember that the goal of a wedding list is above all to make you happy, your newlyweds! So do not succumb to possible social or family pressure and think about what makes you vibrate, and at the same time will allow you to keep a long-term memory of your marriage.

Wedding list: if you are still undecided…

For those who always remain undecided, opt for the ballot box technique which will allow everyone to make their donation and you can choose in due time what makes you want. There are also more modern versions of the traditional urn, via websites specializing in wedding lists such as 1001listes or Zankyou. Some will even give you access to cheaper rates if you order from one of their partners. These sites also allow you to vary the pleasures because it is possible to spend your kitty on decoration, high-tech, leisure or even travel; and for some it is even possible to recover your pot altogether.