Geometric cushions for a graphic atmosphere

Geometric cushions for a graphic atmosphere

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Geometric cushions: the winning return thanks to the Scandinavian style

One thing is certain: if there is indeed a fashion that has brought (or brought back) up to date the cushions with geometric printsis Scandinavian fashion! Indeed, in the Scandinavian decorations which give pride of place to clean lines and symmetry, geometric shapes have the wind in their sails and are found everywhere: on vases and decorative objects, in frames or posters , on the dishes… without forgetting the geometric cushions who love to come and sit on fabric sofas and armchairs with wooden feet.

Of course, you can completely adopt the geometric cushions even if your interior is not decorated in Scandinavian style (or vice versa): in a more marked decoration, they will create a little mismatched side we could not more trendy at the moment !

Geometric cushions with lines

Great classics of classics, striped cushions (whether thin, medium, thick, straight or hesitant) are truly standards of interior decoration. Choose them:

  • With multicolored lines and a colored background to energize your decor a bit and bring it some pep.
  • Simpler (white with black stripes for example, or with only 2 colors) if your decoration already has a strong identity and you want to calm the game with strong pieces, but not too much!

Geometric cushions with herringbone patterns

In the world of decoration, the chevron pattern refers to 2 bands of the same dimensions which form an angle whose point is located upwards. But if you are used to seeing rafters on the floors, you should know that they also love to invite on the fabrics ... and especially on the cushions!

To give a little cachet to any sofa, nothing like a white cushion decorated with chevrons in bright or pastel shades!

Geometric cushions with cubes

The pattern of 3D cubes that repeat endlessly: so famous that we have seen and seen it everywhere… but we must admit that it still does the job, and undeniably brings a graphic dimension when it is printed on a cushion. Especially if the latter is a fairly contrasting print: black 3D cubes on a white cushion for example.

Geometric cushions with crosses

When we think of geometric cushions, we often think of cubic or triangular patterns ... but we should not forget the cross! Graphic and symmetrical, on cushions, the "cross" motif also brings a touch of originality that does no harm. For colors and shapes, you will be spoiled for choice.

Geometric cushions with circles

The circles are very interesting geometric patterns on a cushion: their round shape makes it possible to bring contrast to the angular side of the cushion, to which they bring softness. When it comes to prints, the hardest part will be choosing: multicolored circles for a color block effect, cushions with circle patterns in two-color or even monochrome mode… there is certainly something for everyone!

Geometric cushions with diamonds

The geometric print with diamonds, this is a pattern which clearly owes its strong return to the craze for the Scandinavian style. On the design side, the diamond is available in all possible ways on ever more original cushions: it can be simple, in pixelated mode, multiply (a diamond print in a diamond print in a diamond print etc), be full or empty… the choice is yours!

Geometric cushions with triangles

The geometric cushions with triangles are almost the signature piece of the Scandinavian salons! Difficult indeed to imagine them elsewhere than in the corners of a fabric sofa with wooden compass legs (even if it is possible!).
What works well with geometric cushions with triangle prints? Choose them not square but rectangular: this gives them additional depth and will no doubt sublimate your furniture!


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