What to grill in the fireplace?

What to grill in the fireplace?

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As soon as the cold sets in, the fire dancing in the fireplace is an incredible luxury. We like to see it shine, listen to it crackle, feel its warmth on the skin and smell its comforting smell. But for the pleasure to be total and speak to our five senses, it must also be tasted! With these five simple recipes to cook in the fireplace, winter will be delicious, warm and friendly!

Marshmallows grilled over a wood fire

For a gentle introduction to the art of grilling in the fireplace, nothing beats grilled chamallows. This recipe that melts Americans with pleasure appeals to young and old alike. The principle is simple: you put a marshmallow on a skewer (as long as possible), and place it above the flames or embers so that it melts gently. It should neither blacken nor burn, but swell and be covered with a thin caramelized film. Do not hesitate to turn it to melt it on all sides and when it seems softened and crispy, take it out of the heat. Then wait a minute for the melted chamollow to cool so as not to burn your lips, and taste without waiting this totally regressive confectionery ... The gourmets can also try the Quebec recipe of "S'more": a melted chamallow and a square of chocolate black between two Petit Beurre type cookies… You will tell us about the new ones!

A chimney fire, chamallows, a beautiful evening in perspective!

Pan-fried chestnuts in the embers

Have you enjoyed it by the fireside? It's time to invest in a chestnut pan! Once you have acquired this precious object, burn a large fire in the fireplace to obtain a bed of glowing embers. During this time, prepare the chestnuts by incising them with a kitchen knife so that they do not burst. Then, just place the chestnuts in the pan, and place it on the embers, stirring them regularly. A quarter of an hour later, the chestnuts are ready and it's a real treat…

A healthy snack, a pleasure to share with the family

Caramelized apples by the fire

To become a dessert master in the fireplace, then test the recipe for caramelized apples in the embers. Preferably choose untreated apples, then hollow out their hearts while keeping the skin (using an apple corer will save you time, otherwise use a simple knife). Then add brown sugar and cinnamon, or if you prefer vanilla sugar, honey or star anise… Wrap your apples in foil in aluminum foil and slide them into the embers. Five to ten minutes later (depending on the heat of the embers), all you have to do is take them out and serve them on the plates with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A delight!

An easy recipe that smells good all over the house!

Potatoes in field dress

And if we now move on to salty recipes? To start, do exactly the same as with apples, but this time with potatoes and onions. Wash the vegetables, place them on an aluminum foil, salt, pepper, add a drizzle of olive oil and close in a foil. Place your swaddled potatoes in the embers for about twenty minutes, turning them regularly. Then check the cooking by planting a knife blade in the heart of the potatoes, then remove them from the heat. You can then add a little crème fraîche or butter, chives, parsley ... Bon appétit!

A traditional and unbeatable recipe!

A charcoal pie

And to finish in beauty, here is the recipe for roasted charcoal camembert! Fondue, raclette and tartiflette lovers will lick their lips, hoping that winter always lasts… Start by taking the Camembert out of its box and wrapping paper and remove the labels. Soak the box in water for a few minutes. During this time, make a few incisions on the cheese with the tip of the knife and pour a few drops of liquid honey. Depending on your taste, add a little thyme or aromatic herbs if desired. Then put the camembert in its box and surround it with aluminum before placing it in the embers. Ten minutes later, open the box and discover a perfectly flowing roasted camembert… To be enjoyed with a teaspoon or with pieces of bread or steamed potatoes. Long live winter! Read also: "Cooking by the fireplace, how to do it?"

A camembert roasted over a wood fire to enjoy with friends