The survival kit to face winter at home

The survival kit to face winter at home

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With winter fast approaching, there is nothing more comforting than having a cozy and comfortable home. While waiting for the ski holidays or the Christmas holidays, what could be better than taking care of your cocoon? From painting to furniture, there are many solutions to renovate and enhance your interior. Whether it's giving color to a few surfaces with Cornu and Unikalo, fitting out your home with Agem, your kitchen with SoCoo'c and Mobalpa: there are professionals to oversee everyone's projects. And at 4 Pieds, the trend will be designer furniture, for a trendy interior. With this dossier, it is time for quality work and a peaceful winter.

SoCoo'c, quality kitchens at affordable prices

Agem: 100% tailor-made for 100% of the house

Cornu J-F, entrust your projects to passionate artisan painters

Mobalpa, a kitchen to live

4 feet infinitely multiplied: the equation for a cozy house

Unikalo: paintings made in France since 1936