I want strawberries on my window!

I want strawberries on my window!

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Ah, the joy of picking a sun-drenched strawberry and savoring the fruit of its harvest! This simple little pleasure is within the reach of most of us, since it is enough to have a well exposed window to grow strawberries in pots, without garden or balcony. For a gourmet summer, follow our instructions!

Step 1: buy strawberry plants suitable for growing in pots

Before choosing your strawberry plants, take a good look at whether they are "backwards" or not. The rising varieties produce less strawberries throughout the summer, and sometimes even until the end of October, when it is not until Christmas! As you are not going to harvest entire baskets anyway, you might as well make the pleasure last ... The varieties 'Mara of the Woods','Queen of the Valleys','Mount Everest' or 'Maestro' are ideal to start and plant very well in spring, in April-May. Otherwise you can also plant your strawberries in September-October, for a harvest next year ...

A strawberry in a bucket costs less than one euro per unit.

Step 2: plant strawberries in pots on the windowsill

Red fruits are easy to grow, but they need a lot of light and they fear too much heat and drying winds. Find them a window sill that is both sheltered and sunny in summer. Install window boxes or planters on the windowsill, then start by spreading a layer of clay balls at the bottom to ensure good drainage. Then fill your pots with potting soil "special strawberry" and soak the clods in a bucket of water before installing them, taking care not to bury the collar. Water generously without wetting the foliage.

While waiting for the harvest, the strawberry flowers are decorative

Step 3: water your strawberries ... and enjoy!

During the entire fruiting period, remember to water your strawberries very regularly, if possible with lime-poor water. In hot weather, do not hesitate to water every day so as not to let the soil dry. You will soon see pretty little flowers appear and you can pick your first strawberries from the first days of summer, at the end of June. With one foot, do not expect to make jams, but simply enjoy the joy of tasting your own fruit!

The first strawberries, happiness for young and old

Step 4: And next year?

After picking your last fruits, leave your strawberries in the ground for the whole winter. In spring, add compost or fertilizer suitable for red fruits and surface the soil by adding a layer of potting soil. Resume regular watering when the weather is fine, and you will see your first flowers appear in May, and the first fruits at the end of June. Start again the following year, then replace your plants after the third summer by testing other varieties. Good harvests!

A few grams of pure pleasure ...

See also our video tips for planting your strawberries!


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