Tutorial: transform a colander into a hanging pot

Tutorial: transform a colander into a hanging pot

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Are you looking for an original idea to decorate your balcony or garden? If in addition you are adept at object hijacking, the tutorial of the day should please you! I really like giving a second life to objects and I had this idea by sorting in the cupboards of my kitchen. Today, we are going to transform a colander into a pretty hanging pot for your flowers or plants.


- a roll of masking tape; - a colander ; - a spray paint; - string ; - clay balls; - of the earth.

Budget: 10 euros Duration: 30 minutes


1. Start by putting masking tape on the parts of the colander that you don't want to paint.

2. Then paint the colanders using a spray paint, standing about 30 centimeters away. It seems logical, but this step is obviously to be done with all the usual precautions, ideally put yourself outside and protect yourself by wearing a mask and gloves!

3. Let dry for a good thirty minutes.

4. Carefully remove the masking tape, your colanders are transformed!

5. Cut pieces of string to make the suspensions and tie a loop knot at the end.

6. Tie the strings to the handles and add a small layer of clay balls.

7. Then add a layer of soil to about 5 cm from the edge.

8. Finally, add your plants to the colanders!


And now, you just have to hang your pots! I advise you to make at least two and hang them side by side, the rendering is nicer. I used the same color for the two colanders but you can obviously use several! I have a friend who added strip patterns, too bad I don't have the photo but the rendering was very original. Knowing that in any case you can iron a coat of solid paint if you don't like it.

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