8 signs that it's time to tidy up your closet

8 signs that it's time to tidy up your closet

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When spring returns, the storage fever takes over! That's good, cleaning is essential especially on the side of your wardrobe where the clothes pile upside down. Yes, some clues are there to prove to you that you can no longer back down ... It's now or never! It's high time to tidy up because…

1. You can't find your favorite jeans anymore

You wear it about 300 days a year. Without it, your entire wardrobe no longer has the same flavor. We are of course talking about the fetish jeans which allows you to dress in two minutes flat and to feel good about yourself. His disappearance, in addition to being worrying, is significant. It's time to roll up the sleeves and put away this wardrobe!

2. Your sweaters are right before your eyes… yet it's spring!

When, in winter, your little summer dresses rub shoulders with your mohair sweaters and, conversely, your scarves make resistance in the heat wave, it is necessarily that your wardrobe storage is not optimal. So, with each change of season, we remove unnecessary items from our closets. We immediately breathe better!

3. Your little lavender sachets no longer smell

Have they been there since you bought your dresser? Their presence is the absolute proof that you have one day with regard to your wardrobe of good resolutions. Yes, but it was a long time ago. A little cleaning before reorganizing your dressing room and replacing these small fragrant sachets would be more than welcome!

Well folded, your jeans will take up less space!

4. You can no longer close your dressing room

When your drawers overflow, your wardrobe plays stubborn, there is always a piece of fabric stuck in the hinge of the door or a pile of clothes that collapses with each attempt to close, do not fight anymore: it is really time to act.

5. You only have mismatched socks

The terror of any dressing room: orphan socks. To remedy this, it may be necessary to regularly buy new pairs and separate yourself from the old ones. The storage of your socks may also leave something to be desired. What if they were entitled to their dedicated space, like the rest? A fabric box, a separate drawer… you be the judge!

6. You have nothing left to put

Your wardrobe overflows and yet you look doubtful: "I have nothing more to wear." To solve this great mystery of the dressing room that we have all faced, no secret: sort without concession and rearrange your clothes!

No more socks lying around!

7. You found a bra in your pants

A tidy dressing room and above all a well organized dressing room. However, when bra, panties, underpants or socks (strike out the unnecessary mention) go for a walk and find themselves rolled into balls among shirts, sweaters or pants, it is really a sign that your wardrobe deserves a cleaning of spring!

8. There is dust on your black pants

Two possibilities (they are not incompatible): these pants have not been used for a very very long time; it may be time to say goodbye. As for your shelves and drawers, since when haven't you wiped a rag? A tidy and organized dressing room is above all a clean dressing room that we will not leave behind.

Finally a tidy wardrobe!


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