8 ultra trendy copper decorative objects

8 ultra trendy copper decorative objects

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A metal as old as the world, copper is no longer reduced to industrial materials or cookware. On the contrary, since it reveals itself through subtle touches to bring modernity and light to our interiors. The proof with 8 trendy decorative objects!

1. A copper coffee table

Elegant and design, the coffee table is the most essential decorative object of the copper trend. We choose it aerial, preferably round and with fine feet. Some models even provide folding legs or a removable tray, enough to make a trendy piece a practical and versatile object. Who says better ?

2. A copper tealight holder

To take advantage of the copper trend, we couldn't find simpler than the small accessories, starting with the candle jars. Their strong point? They are found everywhere at low cost and complement the lighting of the room gently, real candle or LED version. We sow them from the bedroom to the living room for a cozy atmosphere, in decorative shelves, on tables or desks ... if necessary, we can even transform them into pencil or brush pots in the bathroom.

3. A copper suspension

No need to adopt industrial decor from floor to ceiling to take advantage of its trendy look. A suspension adjustable in height and with rounded lines like a factory lamp adapts to all styles, especially in the copper version to soften it ... A touch of copper, a designer light and modernity wins the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room or office!

4. A nice copper tray

Smooth or hammered, to be placed on the coffee table or to bring tea, the tray combines practical utility and decorative effect. And give style to any picnic or gourmet coffee with its elegant copper finishes! The good decor idea? When not in use, it is used as a design support to accommodate flowers, books, tealight holder or sugar bowl.

5. A design copper floor lamp

As an auxiliary light for a cozy reading corner or a trendy living room, the design floor lamp displays perfect copper finishes over a sofa or near an armchair. A contemporary model that we do not hesitate to match with a coffee table and a chair to reveal all its charm.

6. A copper vase

Just as chic, the copper vase is an easy-to-use must-have. Placed on a table or counter, empty, garnished with branches, dried flowers or even empty, arty sculpture style, it adds a touch of brilliance to the decor. And because there are very good cans of copper paint, we do not hesitate to adopt the DIY version on an old, faded vase!

7. A copper mirror

No room for a floor lamp or a suspension? We opt for a mirror with copper finishes. XXL version for the decorative effect, miniature for the retro look, it is both refined and industrial, a decorative asset in the dining room as in the bathroom. The extra thing? In the bathroom, we match the taps!

8. A copper clock

We could not find easier than a beautiful clock to hang on the wall to adopt the copper trend smoothly. Two needles and a copper edge, it takes no more to make the decor shine. For a refined and delicate atmosphere, copper is combined with white or powder pink. And for Baroque modernity, with a contrasting black, navy blue or even emerald green background!