La Malle des Anges: sweet nights ahead!

La Malle des Anges: sweet nights ahead!

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Subsidiary of the ASA company existing since the 90s and specialist in bed linen, La Malle des Anges wanted to stand out from what was offered in mass distribution by high quality products. This human-sized company created in 2004 is distinguished by its service closer to customers and by beautiful collections sold at fair prices.

High quality fabrics and finishes

Beautiful embroidery, quality materials, linen made in France, this is what you can find at La Malle des Anges which also offers collections in cotton, percale and satin to satisfy all tastes. The fabrics are chosen with care and the know-how is there. The passion for beautiful linen is communicative and there are even maintenance tips on the Malle des Anges website.

The trendy colors remain white, gray and taupe: timeless chic declined in the boutique's collections. Regularly, it offers great promotions for those who want to afford a high quality set at a promotional price. Recently, plaids and cushions have joined the bed linen to complete a cozy space, dedicated to rest and relaxation.

A store very close to its customers

Even if it is an exclusively online store since 2010, La Malle des Anges has everything a store dedicated to its customers. Here, each package is carefully wrapped, the ornaments are placed in a pretty box as if we were going to hand the product over to the customer.

Moreover, the delivery is free and the team remains permanently reachable by email or by phone to help its customers in their choice and the ordering. Forgot to pick up your package? No worries, La Malle des Anges calls you after a few days to remind you. Unlike many commercial sites, the relationship with the consumer remains very human and service is second nature at La Malle des Anges.

Contact : La Malle des Anges, 144 allée Hélène Boucher, Parc du Moulin Zone A, BP 60003, 59874 Wambrechies Cedex Phone: 03 20 37 65 38 Email: [email protected] Site: Facebook page: www.facebook. com / lamalledesanges


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