How will your radiator save you energy?

How will your radiator save you energy?

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For you, the electric heating it is these chasms in energy which make that one is always either too hot or too cold? Put aside your received ideas: the new generation of electric radiators not only offers exceptional heating comfort but also allows you to save energy… Dé and SAUTER explain everything to you…

Programming: more comfort, less energy expenditure

At SAUTER, all electric heaters are fitted with electronic regulation devices. This alone allows you to do reduce electricity consumption by 15% ! One point to keep in mind: did you know that according to ADEME 1 ° C less, it's 7% savings on your heating bill? We can better understand the economic benefits of the 3 modes of regulation offered by SAUTER. In addition to this, there is a programming tool at SAUTER which makes it possible to automate steering - so we forget everyday and boring handling. This tool is extremely easy to use: depending on the model, it gives you access to the pre-recorded programs - from 3 to 5 fixed programs which correspond to the life rhythms of 80% of French people or leaves you the possibility of making your own programming freely. Easy and comfortable savings!

What if your electric heaters fit your needs on your own?

Precisely, SAUTER goes even further: your electric radiators can adapt themselves to your needs - and therefore save you even more money. The electronic regulation and the programming associated with the use of the intelligent functions will allow you to realize up to 45% energy savings ! * "Turn off the radiators when you open the window!" : you will never say this sentence again thanks to SAUTER and its eco-detection mode which will automatically lower the heating in case of window opening * "Put the radiator stronger when you go to the living room!" : also finished. Since some models of radiators have the absence / presence detection mode and modulate the temperature accordingly - even if it is a time slot during which you are usually absent.

What if you could manage your electric heaters remotely?

Are you leaving home but aren't sure if you have lowered the temperature of the radiators? Better than a text message to your spouse who will surely answer you: "You never think of anything and anyway I left home!", There are SAUTER connected radiators. Nothing could be simpler: thanks to the Cozytouch® innovation, you just need to buy a Cozytouch® bridge to control the whole house and install the free SAUTER Cozytouch® application on your smartphone so that you can control your radiators remotely. electric. You will be able to ask your radiators directly wherever you are - on vacation or in the office - to adapt their temperature to your needs! At the rendezvous: savings and better comfort!

What if your radiators kept you informed of your energy consumption?

The icing on the cake, the SAUTER Cozytouch® application will allow you to monitor your energy consumption over time. For a transparent and reasoned energy consumption!