10 Ways to Hunt Easter Eggs

10 Ways to Hunt Easter Eggs

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The bells are about to ring, all loaded with chocolate as is the tradition of Easter eggs. The opportunity to entertain young and old with an egg hunt that they will remember. We have gathered for you 10 unstoppable Easter activities for a chocolate hunt worthy of the name!

Preparations for a successful Easter egg hunt

Each year, it is the same catchphrase, we spontaneously hide a string of decorated eggs and chocolate treats. So good that some hiding places are forgotten. Take care to note them all down or make a detailed plan as you hide them, to avoid waste and unpleasant surprises. To make the party more beautiful, get started, as a family, in the preparation of an original Easter decoration, easy and quick to carry out. You just have to equip your little hunters with baskets so that they can pick up their finds. The hunt is on !

The Easter egg hunt is open!

The tradition of Easter eggs

Egg hunting is the most classic and commonly offered Easter activity for children on Easter Sunday morning. In an apartment or in the garden, you just have to hide eggs, rabbits, chocolate hens in different nooks and crannies. Children store the chocolates they have found in a small basket. Be sure to adapt the hiding places to the ages of the children to avoid disappointment and jealousy.

Easter tradition was to look for hidden eggs in the house

The treasure hunt, to spice up the Easter tradition

Gather a dozen cards and envelopes and prepare as many hiding clues. Distribute the clues and "treasures" in the garden or the house. Give the first clue by hand to your adventurers who will have to go find the first egg (the smallest) and the clue to discover the next one, and so on. The last clue, the most difficult to find, is that which leads to the famous treasure, for example a basket topped with Easter treats. The whole family can participate, without a competitive spirit!

Night Easter egg hunt

To change from the Sunday morning hunt, organize the hunt the night before at nightfall. Equip children and adults with flashlights and go in search, as a family, of bright eggs that you will have scattered in the garden. The children will receive the real chocolate eggs the next day as a reward.

Bring bright eggs for a nighttime egg hunt!

The challenge game: a great Easter activity!

Prepare a list of small challenges to organize outside and inside and gather everything you will need, jump rope, coloring pages, puzzle, skittles, ball, as many challenges to overcome, with points for each, and Easter treats to win.

A good idea to train the little ones outside on Easter Sunday!

Easter mystery hunt

Prepare puzzle pieces or small rigid cards by writing on each the letter of a message to redial. Which message will indicate the place where the ultimate Easter surprise is hidden (a delicious chocolate delicacy, a voucher for a cultural outing, a board game). If the children cannot read, simple drawings will suffice, the pleasure will be the same to reconstruct the puzzle and discover the image it represents.

A nice surprise to win for those who can put the puzzle together!

The Easter Checklist

A modern-day hunt, one that appeals to the artistic sense of your cherubs. In private, take pictures with your smartphone of eggs and Easter decorations scattered around the house, and ask children, and even older children, to reproduce the same photos. You can reconstitute together a montage of this photographic hunt.

Hunting for colored eggs

The day before Easter, give each child a color with which they will paint eggs, and tell them that the next morning they will have to find all the eggs and treats of that same color. If they find eggs of another color, they will have to leave it in its place or it will be the guaranteed pledge! Plan an egg of a color that has not been painted with a special reward.

Your children can paint beautiful Easter eggs in the color you have chosen!

The Easter Egg Race

Instead of a hunt, it is a question of organizing a skill race with eggs. That which consists for example of putting an egg in a spoon held in his hand and to advance as far as possible without making it fall, or else to wedge an egg under the chin and to walk as long as possible without breaking it. Or, on a soft lawn or carpet, roll an egg, the winner being the one who reaches the farthest distance.


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