A crystal clear plexiglass photo frame

A crystal clear plexiglass photo frame

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Plexiglas: - 1 rectangle 15 x 22 cm in 12 mm thick - 1 rectangle 15 x 22 cm in 3 mm thick 68 cm of plastic in strip Gel glue 1 brush to apply the glue

Production :

2 'Preparation

Place the thickest plexiglass plate on the work surface. Place the chosen photo on it, then close with the thinnest plexiglass plate.

8 'Closing the frame

Cut two lengths of plastic into 34 cm strips. Using a brush, lightly coat each strip of plastic with glue. Place them along the widths of the plexiglass plates, taking care to close them on the back of the frame.


Replace the plastic with satin ribbon. You can then choose to close it with a clear knot placed on one of the sides of the frame.


Do not hesitate to decorate the plastic bands with rhinestones, stickers or not.

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