10 DIY Christmas cribs

10 DIY Christmas cribs

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Indispensable tradition in the Christian tradition, the Christmas crib celebrates the birth of the baby Jesus in a cave in Bethlehem. At the beginning of December, millions of families around the world set up this little scene at home, which can represent a baby surrounded by its parents ... or an entire village! But if you haven't inherited a full Provençal nursery, here are 10 tutorials to create your own nursery with three times nothing!

A crib in cork stoppers

The simplicity of this nativity does not detract from its charm. Two champagne corks dressed in felt with a sprig of raffia to create Joseph and Marie, a cork cut in half for the bassinet, a wooden ball in a line of white felt for little Jesus… And here is an adorable crib, which can also welcome the Three Kings to Epiphany!

As simple as it is cute!

A felt nativity scene

On the tips of the fingers, the Christmas crib comes alive to the delight of children! To make it, you need several sheets of felt of all colors, to cut and glue to create small finger puppets with the image of Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus and the three wise men! The full tutorial is here

Child's play…

A Christmas crib on pieces of wood

If Grandma's figurines are too fragile, these figurines risk absolutely nothing in the hands of the little ones! You just have to collect wooden blocks (obviously without splinters), and paste drawings representing the different characters of the crib… With your pencils!

An unbreakable crib!

An illuminated Christmas crib

If the result is stunning at nightfall, this Christmas crib is less complicated than it seems to be achieved once you have gathered the right equipment ... In transparent glass boxes (or tupperware), we slide LED light garlands, then we glue silhouettes cut from self-adhesive black vinyl. Shall we test?

A star in the night…

A Christmas nativity scene in Lego

Ideal for creating a Christmas crib at the last minute, this scene is entirely made with legos! But nothing prevents you from making a variant with playmobils and pink ponies as long as the Christmas spirit is there.

Last minute crèche with children's toys

A Christmas crib in a terrarium

We fell in love with this nursery, as minimalist as it was elegant, made with pieces of wood, fake snow and glass Christmas balls to fill. In the same spirit, you can also put a small crib under a glass bell or in a candy box to give it a modern and poetic look…

Poetic and symbolic…

A paper Christmas crib

How about making paper santons? The idea is to draw figurines, cut them out and roll them up on themselves by simply fixing them with tape. It is a blow to be taken, but the result is there!

A coloring manger

A Christmas crib with eggs!

Easter is not the only time to do DIY with eggs! The proof with this crib full of humor and poetry, made with eggs covered with fabrics ... To avoid making an omelet, it is better to work with hard-boiled eggs, or with empty shells if you want to keep the crib in your living room until February 2 as tradition dictates!

A quirky crib full of gaiety

A Christmas crib with small terracotta pots

We also love this crib made with three small terracotta pots, three small wooden balls and two pieces of fabric… A ball placed on an inverted pot makes it possible to make a character, while the third pot serves as a cradle for the sleeping baby…

A crèche, quite simply…

A minimalist DIY Christmas crib!

Finally, if you still don't have a crèche without being in the mood to tinker with your family, all you have to do is eat Eskimos! Four sticks glued together represent the cave (or three in the shape of a triangle), and three colored sticks in felt represents Joseph, Mary and little Jesus… A very simple idea, which can also hang on top of the tree!

A DIY wooden tree decoration


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