How to prune a rose bush?

How to prune a rose bush?

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Pruning roses is necessary if you want to keep them in top shape. Especially since the size allows you to give your rose the shape that best suits it.

When to prune a rose bush?

There is no point in rushing. It is necessary to wait for the fall of the rose leaves, which corresponds to its vegetative rest.

The ideal period to prune a rose is between November (depending on the region) and this, until March. If you prune too early, the buds that have grown can be destroyed by late frosts.

In order to know the best period to prune your roses, it is necessary to know their characteristics.

  • For rising roses: in autumn. These roses bloom on branches of the year. Fall pruning will encourage the departure of new branches for the following year.
  • For non-rising roses: in early fall or late winter. These roses have a unique flowering. Their flowers flourish on branches one year old.

It is necessary to maintain the roses throughout the year, even outside the pruning period. Be sure to remove wilted flowers in summer, which weaken the rose bush. Cut the deflowering stems. Thus, the plant will not lose energy in the design of its flowers.

How to prune a rose bush?

Before you start, make sure you have clean gloves and tools: a lopper and / or pruning shears with sharp and sterilized blades. To do this, wipe a cloth soaked in alcohol at 90 ° over the blades of the tools. This will prevent any possible disease from being transmitted to your rose bush through this intermediary.

Whatever type of roses you have in your garden, there are a few golden rules to follow to ensure a good size.

  • Make the heart of the rosebush always easily accessible. This will help you maintain it easily, thus avoiding insects such as diseases that could weaken the plant.
  • Systematically cut all the branches that begin to cross.
  • Always cut above an outside eye (bud of the future twig) at an angle.

How to prune a bush rose or a stem rose?

The bush rose is flared and measures between 60 cm and 1.20 m depending on the variety.

For this type of rose, pruning is generally done at the end of winter, between February and April. It is necessary to wait for the end of the last frosts before taking care of them.

Cut the branches at an angle ½ cm above one eye, orienting the cut so that rainwater does not flow onto the bud.

In the first year, prune the stem 15 cm from the ground and in the following years, prune the stem 25 cm from the ground. To keep its flared shape, make sure to leave only 3 to 5 branches, especially favoring young shoots.

How to prune a climbing climbing rose?

The rising rose flowers several times a year, from May until frost. The quantity of flowers and the duration of flowering depend on the variety of the rose bush. The best season to prune them? In March, or early June at the latest. If desired, a second pruning is also possible in the fall.

Keep all the axial branches, which are the strongest. Fold down all the side branches, cutting them diagonally above the eye. Folded branches should only measure 3/4 of their original length, so that the rose grows vigorously. Also do not hesitate to cut off any dead branches at the base, so that the rose can breathe.

The time of spring pruning is also the right time to train your rose bush. This is ideal if you want to have a climbing rose on the front of your house, next to an entrance door or between two windows.

How to prune a climbing rose not going up?

This type of rose only flowers once a year in the spring. It is important to prune them from deflowering to encourage the departure of new shoots.

The first year, proceed in the same way as for the rising roses. Old stems and branches should be removed and only new ones that have grown for 1 year should be kept. Take care not to remove the young shoots, otherwise you will see your rose without flowers. Also remove any branches that have already flowered. In the second year, do not prune in the spring. Remove only dead wood.

How to prune a miniature rose?

The miniature roses offer dense vegetation. They measure on average between 20 to 50cm.

March is the best time to prune miniature roses.

Pruning miniature roses is extremely simple. It is enough to cut any branch which would seem too old or too fragile, in order to preserve only those likely to give pretty flowers. To have stronger stems, it is important that each branch has only 3 to 5 eyes each.