Bathroom wall lamp: our decorative selection

Bathroom wall lamp: our decorative selection

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1. LED wall lamp with mirror, Ikea, € 17.95 2. design wall lamp Gonaro,, € 26.15 3. Alimia wall lamp, Castorama, € 54.95 4. Marina chrome wall lamp, Castorama, 44.95 € 5. Trees wall light,, € 30 6. LED wall light, CroLED, € 26.99 7. LED wall light, Ikea, € 55 8. Philips ball wall light, Light Side, € 36.61 seaside, nature, relaxing decor like a luxury spa, modern minimalist look or cozy atmosphere, sometimes just a brilliant idea as your choice bathroom lighting to radically change the atmosphere. The star decor of the bathroom remains the wall lamp unanimously. Between the spots, the LED lights, the vintage wall lights or the more contemporary designs, it's hard to make a choice. From dim lighting to brighter light, don't panic, we've put together THE perfect selection for you. bathroom sconces to help you get the atmosphere you want in your room. Resistant to humidity, easy to fix for DIY enthusiasts, and icing on the cake they are cheap! What offer you a good bubble bath and calm bubbling.

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