What colors for a large bathroom?

What colors for a large bathroom?

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Normally an oversized bathroom should not be a problem. With space to store all the beauty treatments and towels, to have a shower and bathtub and even, as a luxury, a double sink unit. However, even after all that, your bathroom still seems huge and you seem lost in the middle of all this space. Only one solution remains: play with colors.

How to reduce the size of your bathroom?

Some colors may make the walls appear closer than they actually are. This is the case for warm colors such as yellows, oranges and reds. If this choice is prohibited for small bathrooms, it is quite possible to opt for these colors when you have the space to do so. It will also have the advantage of having a vitamin atmosphere, ideal for those who want to wake up in a good mood. If you still prefer softer colors, in this case choose non-reflective paints so as not to visually enlarge the space.

How to reduce the length of your bathroom?

Some bathrooms suffer from a corridor effect, a long but narrow space. Even if your bathroom has a good surface, you can find it poorly distributed because of this length. The solution then is to use dark and warm colors on narrow walls and light and cool colors on long walls.

How to reduce the height of your bathroom?

Too high a ceiling can sometimes make you feel dizzy. If your bathroom seems too high, you can visually reduce this effect by applying a darker paint on the floor and ceiling. The trick will be further accentuated if only the ceiling undergoes this treatment.

The midnight blue ceiling erases the perspectives and lowers the height of the walls.

How to regain privacy in an overly spacious bathroom

White and light colors are often used in bathrooms. If it fits well in a small room (which will have the visual effect of pushing the walls), these colors may create a cold and clinical atmosphere in a large bathroom. The space you have allows you to dare and the more daring can try dark colors from floor to ceiling which ensures an original and intimate style.

A large surface allows all daring as a black bathroom

How to find a coherent space in a large bathroom?

useful space. To avoid this feeling, it is possible to divide this surface, even when it is the same room. Thanks to the colors, you can create symbolic separations that will break the monotony. Take advantage of these splashes of color to create spaces suitable for an activity such as the shower corner or the corner for storing towels.