A smart wardrobe to save time in the morning

A smart wardrobe to save time in the morning

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Nothing more unpleasant than not finding the blouse or scarf you need in the morning to get ready! To avoid stress at the last moment, bet on a tidy and functional wardrobe. The editor gives you 4 useful tips to sort your clothes and save time.

Tip # 1: sort your clothes in your closet according to use

In the upper and lower parts of the dressing room (called the passive zone ), we put away the clothes we don't wear everyday: hats, winter or summer clothes, sports clothes, etc. Conversely, we put at hand in the active area from the dressing room, the clothes that we wear every day (shirts, pants, t-shirts, etc.), sorted by color or by type: work clothes, casual clothes, etc. We make our lives as easy as possible: we fold the sweaters, we hang dresses and jackets and we put together long clothes!

The clothes and accessories you use most should be easily accessible.

Tip 2: organize your wardrobe by category

Marie Kondo, the priestess of storage, recommends above all to sort her clothes and classify them by category. We put all the socks together, ditto for shirts, ties ... First not to search for hours but also to facilitate the choice! Especially since there are many clever accessories and small storage spaces to optimize your dressing room in this sense: separating drawers, sliding pants holders, scarf holders, belt holders ... A well-organized dressing room is a practical dressing room!

The storage accessories in the dressing room are in-dis-pen-sable!

Tip 3: sort your clothes by season

Each season, we rotate our wardrobe: we put the big winter coats for summer and bring out the sarongs! If you have no other place to store clothes out of season, consider putting them under a cover, to see more clearly and not to clutter up with an inappropriate wardrobe. In addition, you protect them from dust until next year. You can also take advantage of each reorganization of your dressing room to do a little housework : dust and clean but above all sort what you want to keep or throw away! With each piece of clothing you put aside, you will feel lighter!

Very practical, the covers keep your clothes until next season!

Tip 4: sort by color

If you tend to fall for fashion and clothing, a good idea is to sort your clothes by color . From the darkest to the lightest for example: not only do you save time when composing your outfit (the right blouse with the right pants) but in addition you give style to your wardrobe!

Clothes sorted by color, a stylish wardrobe!