How to keep bouquets of flowers longer?

How to keep bouquets of flowers longer?

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Beautiful and ephemeral. So are the cut flowers. But we can still defy the laws of nature a little. To take advantage of its flowers and keep a bouquet as long as possible, some maintenance rules are essential. Here is the summary of essential tips and advice from florists for cut flowers that stand the test of time. To your secateurs!

Some basic steps to keep cut flowers

- If you make your own beautiful bouquet, pick your flowers preferably in the morning in the cool or in the evening, once the heat has subsided. The flowers will then be at their peak and will therefore be easier to keep. - Choose a suitable vase: it must reach at least half the length of the stems. - Clean your vase perfectly to remove all traces of bacteria and fill it with fresh water. - Before installing your flowers in the vase, cut the stems 2 cm bevel with pruning shears. Also prune leaves that could soak at the risk of contaminating the water in the vase. - If your bouquet comes from your favorite florist: do not undo the ties that tie the stems. The florist has already thought about the lifespan of your bouquet by positioning the flowers in a certain way. Malin.

Place the flowers in a suitable and clean vase, and they will last longer!

Where to choose to keep a bouquet longer?

Above all, for your bouquet to last a long time, it must evolve at room temperature. Place it in the light, but not directly under the sun's rays, and far from heat sources (hobs, oven, computer, radiator ...). Avoid drafts and keep your bouquet as far away from the fruit as possible: the ethylene gas that escapes is harmful to cut flowers.

Cut flowers also need to find a cozy corner!

Regular maintenance for a long-lasting bouquet

Change the water in your bouquet every day or every two days to keep it clean. In very hot weather, do not hesitate to put a few ice cubes in your vase in order to refresh the cut flowers which inevitably suffer from temperature increases. One last thing: regularly cut the stems of your bouquet by 1 cm with pruning shears. These regular cuts are essential for the long conservation of your bouquet.

Don't forget the most important: love and fresh water for your flowers!

The specifics of certain cut flowers

- The special case of roses : once cut the roses need a lot of water. Do not hesitate to fill the vase 3/4 full. And if they start to nose it down, have them take a warm bath for about 2 hours, making sure that the stems are well submerged. - The special case of tulips : as with all plants with flexible stems, the tulip needs little water. Fill the vase with water to a maximum of 5-8 cm. - The special case of lilac : do not cut its "woody" stem, but rather split it lengthwise to facilitate the rise of the sap. - The special case of hydrangea : do not place it in full sun and give it lots and lots of water. Make sure the water in the vase is always cool and if the flower becomes soft, moisten it with a spray bottle. Just like for roses, if your cut hydrangea looks gray, soak it in a sink: stem and head only require water!