How to make an advent calendar in less than 2 hours?

How to make an advent calendar in less than 2 hours?

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More creative and more poetic, the advent calendars "house" have a charm that do not have the models sold in the trade with great reinforcement of marketing. Yes, but how do you make an advent calendar for your children at the last minute, especially when you are short of time and you can't do miracles with your 10 fingers? With this tutorial, follow the step-by-step guide to make this calendar in the purest Christmas spirit!

The principle: small gifts in boxes of DIY fabrics!

1. Gather the material

To make this advent calendar in fabric, you will need: * A large cotton sheet (ideally an old sheet to recycle) or burlap * 5m of colored ribbon (or bloduc, string…) ) * 24 small gifts and 24 candies or chocolates * A pair of scissors * 2 sheets of paper and enough to write the numbers on it (paint or felt) * Masking tape, a small basket or branches for the presentation Budget: Here, 10 euros for the fabric and the ribbon, 14 euros for small gifts = 24 euros all round The realization of the calendar takes approximately 1h15.

With an old white sheet and hemp string, it works too!

2. Prepare all the elements

In your old sheet or burlap, chisel out 24 squares, each 20 cm square. Just cut a notch with the scissors, then roughly tear the fabric by pulling it. Threads stick out? It does not matter ! Cut your ribbon into 24 pieces 20 cm long. In your sheets of paper, draw 20 circles with a compass, cut them out, then write your numbers 1 to 24 on them with a marker of the same color as the ribbon. Punch the numbers with an office punch or make a scissor cut.

We cut quickly, without worrying about the wires sticking out…

3.Prepare small gifts

What to put in an advent calendar? Small toys, candies and chocolates, carousel tickets, Christmas decorations ... But also tattoos and stickers, "good for" ... Gather all your gifts and cut out the boards of stickers and tattoos. Do not hesitate to put two or three small gifts a day, for example 1 toy + 1 sticker + 1 candy!

Here are 10 ideas for gifts?

4. Tie the 24 ballotins

Then place your small gifts in the center of a square of fabric, and tie them with a ribbon. You can paste your numbers on it later, otherwise punch your paper circles and slide the ribbon in before you tie the knot.

No sewing, just a little knot!

5.And here is a simple calendar…

Well done ! You now have the 24 little boxes from your advent calendar. You can present them simply in a small basket, a shoe box, a vintage salad basket, a wooden salad bowl ...

24 little pleasures before Christmas…

6. Or a really decorative calendar!

If you prefer a more sophisticated staging, allow 30 minutes more and hang your ballotins on branches found in forests or at the florist's! Otherwise take some masking tape of color and simply tape them to the wall, "wow" effect guaranteed on December 1st in the morning!

Branches or masking tape?